Relaxation from observing Weekly Off days.


P.R.Circular No. 16/2009
Dated: 1.6.2009


The Engineer-In-Chief Engineer/S.O.&C,
Power Regulation & Control Dte.,
PSEB, 220KV S/Stn., Ablowal, Patiala.


1.         All EIC/CEs/Distribution in PSEB.
2.         Chief Engineer/P&M, PSEB, Ludhiana.
3.         Chief Engineer/Enforcement, PSEB, Patiala.
4.         All Dy.CEs/SEs/Distribution in PSEB.
5.         All Dy.CEs/SEs/P&M in PSEB.
6.         All Dy.CEs/Directors/Enforcement & EA&MMTS.
7.         All Addl.SEs/Sr.XENs/Distribution along with 5 spare copies for further distribution amongst XENs/AEEs/AEs.
8.         All Addl.SEs/Sr.XENs/P&M, Grid Mtc. & Distribution.
9.         All Addl. SEs/Sr.XENs/Enforcement & EA&MMTS.

Memo No.    . /SO/PRC/LD-38                  Dated: 1.6.09 

Subject:       Relaxation from observing Weekly Off days.

  As per orders pronounced by Hon’ble PSERC on PSEB’s Petition No. 7 of 2009, Rotational Compulsory Weekly Off day imposed by this office on SP, MS & LS Industries being fed from 3 Phase 3 Wire UPS & Category-I feeders is hereby withdrawn with immediate effect. Accordingly, the industry being run from Rural AP feeders, 3 Phase 3 Wire & 3 Phase 4 Wire UPS feeders and Category-I feeders will be exempted from weekly off days.

All other terms & conditions on this subject issued by this office from time to time shall remain unchanged.

It is requested to get these instructions noted from all concerned consumers and ensure meticulous compliance of these instructions.

These instructions can be down loaded from PSEB Web-Site


For  Engineer-In- Chief Engineer/SO&C,
PSEB, Patiala.