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Shahpurkandi Dam Project comprising of 55.5 high concrete Dam, 7.70 Km long Hydel Channel, 2 No. Head Regulators and 2 No Power Houses i.e. PH-I (3 x 33 MW) & PH-II (3 x 33 MW + 1 x 8 MW) i.e. 206 MW is being constructed on River Ravi to provide a balancing reservoir to have uniform water releases for Upper Bari Doab Canal, Kashmir canal off taking from Madhopur Head Works and high level Ravi Canal (J&K) which will off take from right side of Shahpurkandi Dam Project and to ensure optimum power generation during peaking hours from Ranjit Sagar Dam Project. J&K will get 20% of power generated at bus bar rates.


Shahpurkandi Dam Project has been declared as ‘National Project’ by Ministry of Water Resources Govt. of India during February 2008. CWC/CEA had approved the revised cost of the project at Feb., 2018 Price Level as Rs.2715.70 Cr. (excluding IDC charges amounting to Rs. 429.81 Cr.).  Govt. of Punjab vide its letter dated 21.08.2018 has concurred the cost apportionment as 71.39 % for Power Component & 28.61 % for Irrigation Component. Accordingly, the cost of Power Component works out to be Rs. 1938.74 Cr. & cost of Irrigation Component works out to be Rs. 776.96 Cr.  For this, PSPCL has infused equity @20% i.e. 473.71 Cr. & for the remaining 80% amounting to Rs.1894.84 cr. has tied up for the loan with PFC. The necessary documents /undertakings have also been jointly signed by PSPCL & PFC. Based on the project cost of power component i.e. Rs. 2368.55 Cr, CEA has approved  the levelised tariff as Rs. 4.44/kWH.

Village Shahpurkandi (11 Km D/S of Ranjit Sagar Dam Project) and 8 Km U/S of Madhopur Head works
Teshil Pathankot
Distt. Pathankot
River Ravi
Nearest Railway Stations Madhopur /Pathankot/ Chakki Bank
Nearest Airport Pathankot (16 Km from Shahpurkandi T/Ship)


Design flood Discharge 21500 cumec (7,50,400 cusec)
Live Storage Capacity 9.74 million Cum
Maximum Height of Dam 55.50 m
Top Level of the Dam /Crest Level EL 407.50m / EL 380.00m
Pond Level Maximum / Minimum 404.50 m / 402.50m
Length of Overflow Section 415.00 m
No. of bays/ Size of Spillways Gates 22 bays of 12m x 7m size


No. of Units 7 Nos.
Power House-I 3 Units of 33 MW each
Power House-II 3 Units of 33 MW each & one no. 8 MW unit
Total generating capacity 206 MW
Designed head 28.15 m for 33 MW Units & 23.25 m for 8 MW unit
Type of turbine Vertical Kaplan
Power generation per year 1048.09 MU

Execution of Electro-Mechanical Works

As per decision of Govt. of Punjab, civil works of this project are to be executed by the Irrigation Deptt. Govt. of Punjab and Electro & Mechanical (E&M) works of the project are to be carried out by the PSPCL. Notification of Award for Electro-Mechanical (E & M) works of 206 MW Shahpurkandi Hydro Electric Project (HEP) on EPC mode basis to M/S BHEL, New Delhi has been issued on 29.01.2014. The Contract agreement was signed on 28.02.2014. Turbine Model Test witness test has been carried out w.e.f. 18.09.2014 to 27.09.2014 at Hydro Lab, BHEL, Bhopal.


  • To act as balancing reservoir for optimum utilization of releases from Ranjit Sagar Dam Project.
  • Shall regulate and ensure uniform supplies to downstream Canal System.
  • Increased and intensive irrigation benefits for 3.48 lac hectares in Punjab.
  • Shall provide Irrigation facility to 5000 hectares in Punjab & 32173 hectares in J&K.
  • Shall produce 1042 MU of electricity annually.
  • Complete water of River Ravi will be utilized for irrigation as well as for power generation on downstream Hydel Projects.
  • Shall provide silt free water to existing and proposed Power Houses.
  • Development of tourism, recreational facilities and fisheries.
  • Overall socio economic development of area.