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PSPCL imposes Rs. 3.5 lacs find on sweet shop for theft of Electricity

Punjab State Power Corporation Limited
Public Relations Office
Press Note, Jalandhar Sept.20,2019

Enforcement team of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited has imposed a penalty of rupees 360000/- to a big commercial consumer named Guru Nanak Sweet Shop situated at Guru Nanak Pura, Chaugitti, in Jalandhar for theft of electricity and a FIR will be registered against the said consumer soon. This was disclosed by a spokesman of PSPCL in a press note here today.

Spokesman said that Jalandhar enforcement team of PSPCL raided the premises of the said consumer on Sept.18,2019 during the checking of connection ,it was found that the sanctioned load of the shop was 1Kw and as per checking it was detected that load is 15 Kw., and meter of the consumer was found tempered. During investigation of meter at at ME Lab in Jalandhar on Sept.19 .The meter found 74 % slow on meter testing bench.

Spokesman further said that during the internal inspection 3 no’s. additional resistances were found connected in its circuit to slow down the meter permanently. The resistances were fixed by cutting the back body of meter & after fixing the resistances and further consumer fixed the cut portion & painted the back of meter so that it could not be detected through naked eye. But the enforcement officer acted very intelligently and examined the meter at site & found earth tamper indication on the meter & got the meter packed for further investigation.

Issued by Public Relations office/PSPCL,

Press Note 93 Sept.20,2019