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About Organisation

Guru Hargobind Thermal Plant, Lehra Mohabbat is located about 25 KMs from Bathinda on National Highway No. 7. The total installed capacity of this plant is 920 MW and comprising of two stages. Stage-I consists of two Units of 210MW each and Stage-II consists of two Units of 250 MW each. Unit-1 & 2 of Stage-I were commissioned on 29-12-1997 and 16-10-1998 respectively while Unit-3 & 4 of Stage-II were commissioned on 03-01-2008 & 31-07-2008 respectively. Total plant area is 1025 Acres. Basic fuel is coal and secondary fuel is furnace oil.

Assignments/ Projects/ Responsibilities

GHTP, Lehra Mohabbat has been assigned the task of generating electricity with its total installed capacity of 920MW, to be distributed to the consumers of Punjab state through Distribution wing of PSPCL. Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has fixed generation target of 3000MU for this plant during 2020-21.

GHTP Lehra Mohabbat has contributed a lot to reduce the gap between demand & supply of power in Punjab since its commissioning. Its Units have generated 85987 Million units up to FEB. 2021. This plant has shown excellent performance and huge savings have been made in terms of earning incentives by performing better than targets set by Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission as well as Central Electricity Authority, through meticulous planning with long vision.

GHTP has broken its own records of the highest generation year after year and has been operating at the lowest cost of generation amongst all PSPCL power plants in spite of its higher interest and depreciation. Its operating parameters for the last 6 years are given in the following table:







2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 (Upto FEB-2021)
1 Actual Gen. MU 3134.83 2736.30 2944.45 2485.077 915.956 866.066
2 Plant Avail. Factor % 91.68 99.17 98.17 90.47 98.49 97.77
3 Plant Utilization factor % 42.31 34.24 37.22 34.08 11.50 12.01
4 Plant load factor % 38.79 33.95 36.54 30.84 11.33 11.74
5 Deemed PLF % 91.49 98.87 97.99 90.14 97.98 97.51
6 Auxiliary Consumption % 8.98 8.87 8.78 9.66 11.81 11.38
7 Sp. Coal Consumption kg/kWh 0.608 0.599 0.617 0.660 0.705 0.670
8 Sp. Oil Consumption mL/kWh 1.076 1.106 1.038 1.329 1.936 2.342
9 Heat Rate kcal/kWh 2512 2438 2493 2655 2786 2602
10 Thermal Efficiency % 34.23 35.27 34.50 32.40 30.87 30.06
Schemes-Under Implementation
Sr. No. Name of scheme
1 Installation of Flue Gas Desulphurization Plant for Units of Stage-1 & 2.
2 Upgradation of Max DNA based DCS system at Stage-2.
3 Complete upgradation of Hathway make SER & annunciation system of Unit No. 1.
4 Siemens-make Air circuit breakers for 415V switchgear of Stage-1
 5 Replacement of static/electromechanical relays with numerical relays at 220 KV substation.
6 Replacement of electronic controllers installed in electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) of Unit no. 1 & 2 with latest, energy efficient & emission reducing controllers/ equipment.
7 Shifting of railway operation cabin at L-Xing (i.e. Crossing No. 3C)

                   RECORDS SET BY GHTP:

Parameter Unit Performance of the Station
Max. Daily Generation LU 233.77 on 22.10.12
Max. Monthly Generation MU 706.469 in March-‘10
Max. Yearly Generation MU 7621.262 in 2011-12
Max. Daily PLF % 105.87% on 22.10.12
Max. Monthly PLF % 103.21 in March 10
Max. Yearly PLF % 96.44% in 2009-10
Continuous running days 64.17 (04.02.10 to 09.04.10)
Lowest yearly Oil Cons. ml/kwh 0.367 in            2009-10
Lowest monthly aux cons % 7.35% in             Feb-12
Lowest yearly aux cons % 7.87% in             2011-12
Lowest monthly DM water % 0.54% in             APR-13
Lowest yearly DM water % 0.57% in             2012-13
Lowest yearly Heat rate kcal/kwh 2324 in             2012-13
No. of trippings in a year 34 in             2009-10
Deemed Gen.  Monthly MU 712.515 in  Oct-12
Deemed PLF  Monthly % 104.10 %  in Oct-12
Deemed Gen.  Yearly MU 8006.40  in 2011-12
Deemed PLF  Yearly % 99.07%  in    2011-12
Plant Utilis. Factor  Monthly % 104.30% in Oct-11
Lowest yearly Planned Mtc. Hrs 615.78 in 2011-12
% 1.09% in   2013-14
Max. Qtr Generation MU 2050.534 in Oct to Dec-11
Quarter PLF % 100.94% in Oct to Dec-11
Lowest yearly Forced Outage Hrs 120.51 in 2003-04
% 0.69% in   2003-04


Sr. No. Description
1. Meritorious Productivity Award for the year 1999-2000.

  • Cash Reward of Rs. 8.31 Lacs
  • A shield
  • A Performance Silver Medal
2. Meritorious Award for the year 2000, for reduction in the secondary oil consumption.
3. Meritorious Award for the year 2000, for reduction in the auxiliary consumption.
4. Silver Shield for the Years 2000-01, 2001-02 for good Performance. Presented by Hon’ble Power Minister, Government of India.
5. Certificate of Merit for years 2001, 2002 & 2003 for reduction in specific secondary fuel oil consumption.
6. Certificate for Meritorious performance for the year 2002-03 for meritorious performance awarded by Hon’ble Power Minister, Government of India.
7. Gold Shield for the Year 2003-04. Presented by Hon’ble President of India for outstanding performance.
8. A national award for the year 2004-05 for Meritorious Performance in power sector was presented to GHTP, Lehra Mohabbat by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on 21st March 2007.
9. GHTP, Lehra Mohabbat has been awarded with the First National Energy Conservation Award 2010 (First prize at National level) by Hon’ble Power Minister of India on 14th December 2010.
10. Meritorious Productivity Awards for the years 2011-12 & 2012-13.
11. Consolation Award for FY 2013-14 in the category of ‘Performance of Thermal Power Stations’.
12. The Quality Control Circle of GHTP, Lehra Mohabbat has won Excellence award in 2014, Par excellence awards in 2015, 2016 and 2017 in case-studies/ model presentation at National level quality contests held by Quality Control Federation of India.



  1. NATIONAL CONVENTION ON QUALITY CONCEPTS (NCQC) held at Gwalior from 21st to 24th December-2018 team got Par Excellence award in case study (DIFICULT TO CHECK TURBINE SPEED PROBES WHEN INSTALLED IN TURBINE)
  1. NATIONAL CONVENTION ON QUALITY CONCEPTS (NCQC) held at Mysuru from 1st to 4th December-2017 team got Par Excellence award in case study (GENERATOR STATOR WATER COOLING PUMP FAIL TO START ON AUTO) and Model presentation.


  1. NATIONAL CONVENTION ON QUALITY CONCEPTS (NCQC) held at Gwalior from 21st to 24th December-2018 team got Excellence award in case study.
  1. NATIONAL CONVENTION ON QUALITY CONCEPTS (NCQC) held at Mysuru from 1st to 4th December-2017 team got Par Excellence award in case study

Second Prize under the Category of Energy Intensive Industries, sub category of Thermal Power Plants in the State Level Energy Conservation Award Competition for taking extra efforts for Efficient Utilization, Management and Conservation of Energy during the last two years 2015-16 & 2016-17. The award was conferred on 2nd November, 2018 (Friday) at PEDA Auditorium, Sector-33 D, Chandigarh by Hon’ble Minister Power and New & Renewable Energy Sources, Punjab S.Gurpreet Singh Kangar.

O/o General Manager/O&M,
Guru Hargobind Thermal Plant,
V.P.O. Lehra Mohabbat-151111
Distt. Bathinda
Phone No: 0164-2756208
Fax:    0164-2756255
E-mail:      ce-ghtp@pspcl.in