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Guru Gobind Singh Super Thermal Power Plant is situated near village Ghanauli on Chandigarh-Manali highway. It is about 12 km from Roopnagar and 55 km from Chandigarh.The power plant is one of the coal based power plants of PSPCL.The plant before 01.01.2019 has   an installed capacity of 1260 MW i.e. six units of 210 MW, however wef 01.01.2018 Units 1 & 2 of GGSSTP, Rupnagar have retired , as such the present installed capacity of GGSSTP, Rupnagar is 840 MW i.e  4 Units of 210 MW .

The plant has its source of water supply from Nangal Hydel Channel. The coal used mainly comes from mines in Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh from more than 50 sources called collieries. It has 210 MW, 3 cylinder mixed flow tandem coupled, 3000 rpm BHEL make turbines. It has 247 MVA, 15.75 kV, 9050 A at 0.85 lag, 50 Hz, 3 phase, double star two pole generators.

Installed Capacity:

Stage Unit Number Installed Capacity (MW) Date of Commissioning Status
First 1 210 September, 1984 Retired wef 01.01.2018
First 2 210 March, 1985 Retired wef 01.01.2018
Second 3 210 March, 1988 Running
Second 4 210 January, 1989 Running
Third 5 210 March, 1992 Running
Third 6 210 March, 1993 Running

Cost of Project:

ST – I Rs. 380 Crores
ST – II Rs. 438 Crores
ST – III Rs. 599 Crores


Sr. No. Description
1 Operation of 4x210MW  units and supply power generated to the state of Punjab through 220 KV Grid & operation of 2 x850 KW Micro Hydel Units
2 Analysis of Coal, DM water with monitoring of boiler water, steam and environmental parameters.
3 Maintenance of TG equipment of 4 x210 MW units of GGSSTP and 2×850 KW  Micro Hydel units of GGSSTP along with maintenance of compressors, DM Plant , Fire water pump house, Air Conditioning System & Hydrogen Gas Plant
4 Maintenance of BFPs, CWPH, BCW system and service water system in addition to maintenance of transport vehicles and disposal of scrap.
5 Maintenance of Boiler equipment of all the 4 x 210MW thermal units and Ash Hoppers.
6 Maintenance of Coal Mills & allied equipment and ID/FD/PA fans and allied equipment
7 Arrange, monitor the Coal & oil Stock/ accounting.
8 Impart trainings, arrange Seminars & Workshops.
9 Renovation and Modernization of old plant systems with latest technology equipment/systems
10 Standardization of firms.
11  Energy audit of 4x210MW Units.
12 Implementation of Labor Laws and welfare of GGSSTP employees and workers.
13 Deal with Fire eventualities at the plant.
14 Coal Plant Operation & Maintenance of equipments installed in the Coal Handling Plant
15 To arrange safety equipments for workers & hold seminars , presentations on safe practices of plant operation & maintenance
16 Procurement of Spares & consumables for equipments of plant, to issue work Orders& AMCs of various equipments installed in the plant

Projects under Implementation

Sr. No. Name of Scheme
1 Process of making the Pachwara Central Coal Mines (Jharkhand) operational underway.
2 Installation & Commissioning of  new 24 Sector Air –Preheater along with Gas Duct on Unit 6
3 Installation & Commissioning of Dry Sorbet Injection Type FGD with Sodium Bicarbonate as Injecting Regent on Units 3, 4, 5 & 6 of GGSSTP, Rupnagar
4 Modification of Boiler  Furnace of  Unit 6 for Co-firing of Torrified  Biomass Pallets ( up to 10%) along with pulverized Coal & Vendor Development for supplying the Torrified Biomass Pallets.
5 Bus bar Differential Protection Scheme at 220KV Sub-Station GGSSTP, Roopnagar.
6 Implementation of Online Energy Management System.
7 Renovation/modernization of. CHABBI Make(-24V, + 24V,26V & 220 V) Battery Chargers of stage ,2 & 3 under R &M Scheme from OEM  M/s CHABBI ELECTRICAL LTD


Sr. No. Description
1 GGSSTP, Roopnagar achieved all time highest generation of 10056.35MU during 2009-10.
2 Highest PLF of 91.11% achieved during 2009-10.
3 Lowest Station Heat Rate of 2538Kcal/Kwh achieved during 2012-13.
4 Lowest Specific Coal Consumption of 0.625kg/Kwh achieved during 2012-13.
5 Lowest Specific Oil Consumption of 0.37ml/Kwh achieved during 2010-11.
6 Lowest DM Make-up Water Consumption of 1.13% achieved during 2012-13.
7 All six Units remained continuous running for 32 days, 2 hrs and 20 min during 2008-09 without tripping.
8 GGSSTP, Roopnagar won productivity awards given by Ministry of Power, Govt of India from 1985 to 2000 for outstanding performance.
9 During 2000-2001, GGSSTP, Roopnagar won Certificate of Good Performance from Ministry of Power, Govt. of India for achieving the Highest Plant Load factor at that time.
10 GGSSTP quality circle team “Tejas” won Gold award for the 4th consecutive time at Convention on Quality Concepts (RCCQC-2017) on 4th October 2017, conducted by Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI) at Rudrapur Institute of Technology, Uttrakhand.
11 All old fluorescent lights replaced with energy efficient lights i.e. LED tube lights.
12 The station received the incentive award for reducing fuel oil consumption in 1999.
13 The station also received the shield and excellent performance by Prime Minister of India during 1986-87 for achieving 70.08% PLF against then 53.2%.
14 GGSSTP, Roopnagar has been awarded the shield for Largest Reduction in Frequency Rate of Accident in Light Engineering Industry for the year 2011.

O/o Chief Engineer/O&M,
Guru Gobind Singh Super Thermal Plant,
Distt. Roopnagar
Phone No: 96461-07204, 01881-274238
Fax:    01881-274232
E-mail:      ce-ggsstp@pspcl.in