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Punjab State Power Corporation Limited
Public Relations Office
Press note, Patiala 10 April , 2019

Er.Baldev Singh Sran, CMD, Punjab State Power Corporation Limited has issued instructions to all chief engineers and field officers of distribution zones to ensure   and take appropriate action to prevent incidents of fire during wheat   harvesting season  in Punjab.

In order to save the wheat crops from fire incidents due to electrical sparks. PSPCL has made special efforts in this direction, Er.N.K.Sharma Director distribution held meetings with  field officers on day to day basis and also  Er.Baldev Singh Sran CMD   addressed meetings of  all chief engineers operations zones on Dec 13,2108 and March 27,2019 for this  purpose.

PSPCL has appealed to all farmers and general public  that in case  any electric  line is  sparking or likely to spark, the staff of PSPCL,JE/SDO may be informed  immediately on the phone. Wherever the electrical wires are loose or low, consumers can register this information on  PSPCL 24 hours Control room telephones nos. 9646106835 and 9646106836  or telephone number 1912 for electricity related complaints . All field officers have been instructed to ensure proper maintenance of all G.O. switches reported for sparking. The lose wires of  HT / LT lines passing through the fields should be tightened, where the distance between electric poles are more, it should be set right by placing another intermediate  pole. Instructions have been issued to ensure setting of proper gap of loose lines between   two lines at crossings. Apart from this, loose jumpers of all transformers/poles should repaired. Besides this, farmers are also appealed  that due to high temperature during 15 days of crop harvesting season  enhance   possibility of fire, power supply to the AP feeders will be provided during  night as per requirement instead of day timings. PSPCL has requested farmers of the state to cooperate and take care of  the power infrastructure while the  harvesting with combines.

Issued by Dy.Secy./Public Relations, PSPCL, Patiala
Press Note  50  Dated April 10,2019