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CMD Er. Baldev Singh Sran reiterated his commitment of making Punjab, A Power Theft Free State

Punjab State Power Corporation Limited
Public Relations Office
Press Note, Patiala July 28,2019

PSPCL CMD, Er. Baldev Singh Sran PSPCL revealed that PSPCL got success in taking police remand of Harbans Singh, resident of Anand Nagar-B, Patiala, who was nabbed from Rajpura along with his car & a variety of meter tampering instruments few days back.

Harbans Singh is being vigorously questioned by the police and on the basis of significant information provided by him, PSPCL authorities are further conducting raids in various parts of the state and within few hours itself, nabbed 24 cases of possible power theft at Bahadurgarh, Nabha road, Baran, Sirhind road, Charan Bagh, Model Town (Patiala), Bhawanigarh & kharar etc. The meters of these consumers have been sent to PSPCL Metering Labs for further investigation. After receipt of reports from the Labs, which are expected by Monday evening, FIRs will be lodged against these offenders also. PSPCL and Police have got various traces about other likely wrongdoers operating in the state aiding such activities and this seems to be a big chain.

Er.B.S. Sran further told that we have unearthed a very big nexus of power theft facilitators, as well as consumers, who are involved in this dirty racket and are playing with the economy of the state. We have intensified our anti-theft operations and I have asked all the 35 flying squad teams, 104 divisional teams and 476 sub divisional teams to pull their socks up and conduct the intensive raids in the coming days and put an end to this social evil completely. Not even a single culprit will be spared.

PSPCL has also geared up its vigilance teams to remain alert and keep an eye on field staff taking meter readings, changing meters, checking meters etc also and immediately book them, if vigilance finds their involvement in power theft too.

CMD,Er. Sran reiterated his commitment of making Punjab, A Power Theft Free State and PSPCL is determined to fulfil clear cut directions of Hon’ble CM Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh about banishing the roots of this immense social and economic scam, which is damaging the otherwise robust power network of the state.

PSPCL has further scanned more likely theft cases in the state and lists of these cases are being sent to various offices to conduct raids in next few days and drive out this evil entirely. PSPCL authorities have prepared them well to lodge FIRs against these power thieves and PSPCL is in no mood to just slap them with fine only. Sran said, we have already requested DGP for immediate arrest of power thieves, as soon as PSPCL provides the requisite evidences.

Er. Sran assured that with the dynamic headship and unrelenting support of Captain Amarinder Singh, Hon’ble CM, Punjab, PSPCL would definitely achieve its mission of zero tolerance against power theft.

Issued by Dy.Secy.Public Relations/PSPCL,Patiala

Press Note 79, July 28,2019