Peak load exemption charges on Arc Furnace consumed

PR Circular No. 7/1997
Dated: 30.5.1997

Memo No. 2499/2646/SO/PRC Dated: 30.5.1997

SUBJECT: Supply of Power to 11KV Rural Feeders in Kandi Area.

Subject: Peak load exemption charges on Arc Furnace consumed.

1. In supersession of PR circular No. 14/95 dated 20.10.95 and this office Telephone Message No. 244/2 dated 28.4.97, confirmation copy sent by post vide No. 2026/31 dated 30.4.97, it has been decided that all those Arc Furnace consumers who are fed through independent/Tapped Independent Feeders shall be allowed to avail load up to 5% (Maximum) of their Sanctioned Contract Demand ( S.C.D.) during peal Load Hours without payment of PLEC.

2. It has also been decided that those Arc Furnace consumers who require additional load above 5% exemption allowed above may further be allowed additional load to the extent of 2.5% of their sanctioned contract demand on payment of Peak Load Exemption Charges. In such cases Peak Load Exemption Charges shall be leviable on the total load allowed to run during Peak Load Hours (Maximum limit 7.5% of S.C.D.). However, this additional exemption can be allowed for part period of Peak Load Restriction periods, say one, two or three hours on the option of the consumer. In such cases, Peak Load Exemption Charges shall be leviable for part period only.

3. The consumers desirous to avail the facilities as mentioned in Para 2 above, may make specific requests to Director/PR&C, office of CE/SO&C, PSEB, Patiala.

The above instructions will take effect from 1.6.1997. All Arc Furnace consumers may be informed accordingly.

for Chief Engineer/SO&C,
PSEB, Patiala.