Grant of Peak Load Exemptions.


P.R.Circular No. 11/2009
Dated: 24.4.2009


The Engineer-In-Chief Engineer/S.O.&C,
Power Regulation & Control Dte.,
PSEB, 220KV S/Stn., Ablowal, Patiala.


1.         All EIC/CEs/Distribution in PSEB.
2.         Chief Engineer/P&M, PSEB, Ludhiana.
3.         Chief Engineer/Enforcement, PSEB, Patiala.
4.         All Dy.CEs/SEs/Distribution in PSEB.
5.         All Dy.CEs/SEs/P&M in PSEB.
6.         All Dy.CEs/Directors/Enforcement & EA&MMTS.
7.         All Addl.SEs/Sr.XENs/Distribution along with 5 spare copies for further distribution amongst XENs/AEEs/AEs.
8.         All Addl.SEs/Sr.XENs/P&M, Grid Mtc. & Distribution.
9.         All Addl. SEs/Sr.XENs/Enforcement & EA&MMTS.

Memo No  . 5410/5625/SO/PRC/LD-38 Dated: 24.4.09 
Subject:       Grant of Peak Load Exemptions.

  This is in continuation to the instructions issued vide PR Circular No. 4/09 dated 27.1.09.

Keeping in view the demand of industrial consumers and anticipated power position of the State, it has been decided that now, all the existing LS Consumers who have been granted permission to use load during peak load restriction hours (by this office or concerned SE’s/DS on regular basis or up to 30.4.09) shall continue to avail the same up to 31.5.09. The authorization already issued in this regard shall automatically stand extended up 31.5.09 and concerned consumers need not to approach the concerned offices for issue of any fresh extension letter etc. for this extension of one month. However, these instructions will not be applicable to those consumers whose permission have expired prior to 30.4.09. From 1.6.09, all such LS consumers will observe peak load restriction hours in full and will avail only the load permitted to them without payment of Peak Load Exemption Charges.

Such consumers who have been allowed to use load during peak load hours up to 30.4.09 and do not wish to avail the same after 30.4.09 shall have to get the same cancelled from the office who had granted them the peak load exemption, otherwise their permission shall be deemed to have extended up to 31.5.09.

These instructions shall not be applicable to such LS industrial consumers who have been granted Continuous Process Status by this office, IT Industries as per CC No. 9/09, Essential Industries as per PR Circular No. 12/98 dated 3.8.98, Cold Storages/Slaughter Houses with partly Cold Storage load, Ice factories, Poultry Farms, Ice Candy Plants, Milk Plants/Milk Chilling Units and exclusively Bread Manufacturing Units. Such consumers shall continue to avail regular/temporary peak load exemptions as granted to them by this office/SE’s/DS concerned and extension/reduction/withdrawal shall be permitted in their case as per instructions issued by this office vide PR Circular No. 9/07 etc. However, such consumers shall have to submit proof of having obtained Continuous Process Status from this office or their industry falling in any of the Categories stated above to field offices with copy to this office and concerned CBC Cell before 31.5.09. PSEB reserves the right to cancel/withdraw partially or completely such Peak Load Exemption granted to any or all these categories as per the system requirement.

These instructions can be down loaded from PSEB Web-Site .

For  Engineer-In- Chief Engineer/SO&C,
PSEB, Patiala.


  1. Chairman, PSEB & All Members/PSEB.
  2. Secretary/Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commision,220-21 Sector-34A,Chandigarh.
  3. O.S.D. to Chairman, PSEB, Patiala.
  4. Chief Engineer/Commercial, PSEB, Patiala.
  5. Chief Engineer/Q.I. & T.A., PSEB, Patiala.
  6. Director/I.R., PSEB, Patiala.
  7. Director/Technical, PSEB, Patiala . He is requestedto endorse the same to Dy.Secy./Services- III&Dy.Secy./Tech. I, II & III, PSEB, Patiala .
  8. Director/I.T., PSEB, Patiala for putting theabove Circular on PSEB Web-site.
  9. Dy.Director/Sr.Xen/CBC, PSEB, Patiala , Ludhiana & Jalandhar