CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

Auction 2017


Auction for the sale of following Wooden scrap (Without iron parts) material/surveyed off vehicles on ‘As-Is-Where-Is’ and ‘As-Is-What-Is’ basis will be held at Central Store, Patiala on dt. 11/7/2017 at 11.30 AM.

Wooden scrap without Iron parts lying as per detail given below:-

S. No.

Name of Store

Quantity in MT

1 Central Store, Bathinda 42.0
2 Central Store, Bathinda 37.0
3 Store outlet, Malerkotla 7.6
4 Central Store, Patiala 60.2
5 Central Store, Kotkapura 22.0
6 Store outlet, Fazilka 28.8
7 Central Store, Ferozerur 5.4
8 Central Store, Malot 8.5
9 Store outlet, Mansa 30.0
10 Store outlet, Rajpura 6.6
11 Store outlet, Shri. Mukatsar Sahib 7.5
12 Central Store, Sangrur 7.0
13 Store outlet, Barnala 1.1
14 Central Store, Mohali 1.4
15 Store outlet, Ropar 4.0
16 Store outlet, Patran 1.5
17 Store outlet, Nabha 4.1

S. No.

Registration no. of Vehicle

Type of vehicle/ Model

Present Location of vehicle

Name of the office to which it relates/ Phone no. of the person to be contacted.

1 PB-10AF-9702 Swaraj Mazda / 1998 Op S/Divn, Kohara Op S/Divn, Kohara.,/ 9646110127
2 PB-04-2113 Matadoor/ 1989 (op) S/Divn, Bilaspur Op/Divn, Bagha Purana / 9646114581
3 PB 13 G 3747 Eicher Pick up/ 1998 AEE (op) S/Divn, Dirba AEE (op) S/Divn, Dirba 96461 10021
4 PAR 9474 matadoor pickup/1987 AEE, (op) S/Divn, Nathuwala Jadid, Moga AEE, (op) S/Divn, Nathuwala Jadid, Moga/ 9646114576
5 Fork Lifter Fork Liftter / 1975 Central Store, Kotkaprua Addl. SE Central Store, Kotkaprua 9646118818
6 PB 13 E 1856 Matadoor pickup/1995 66 KV S/Stn, Malerkotla AE Op S/Divn, Sandhaur/9646110181
7 PB 10 A 9247 Pick up / 1989 AE Op Sub urban S/Divn, Kharar AE Op Sub urban S/Divn, Kharar/9646117156
8 PB 11 P-7694 Ambassador car/ 2000 (OP) Circle, Bathinda All. SE (OP), Divn, D-322, Thermal Col, Bathinda
9 PB 13 B 4715 Mahindara Jeep / 1992 AE (op) Sub-urban S/Divn, Sohian Road, Sangrur AE (op) Sub-urban S/Divn, Sohian Road, Sangrur 96461 10072
10 PAT 9631 Bajaj Tempo pick up/1988 Op S/Divn City, Kharar AE city S/Divn, Kharar/ 9646110113
11 PUR 5417 Truck TATA1978 Op S/Divn, Morinda AE Op S/Divn, Morinda/9646110116
12 PB 08 N 1212 Ambassador Car/ 1995 220 kV./ 132 KV Grid Comples, Bhagomajra(Kharar) Op/Sub urban S/Divn, Kharar. 9646117156
13 PB 11-3040 Maruti Gypsy 1989 AE, Civil lines S/Divn(Tech), Patiala Sr. Xen West divn, Patiala 9646148459
14 PB 05 D-9648 Tata Pick up 1995 33 KV S/Stn, Colony, Abohar AE (op) S/Divn No. -2, Abohar 9646114531
15 PB 03 N 5547 Ambassdor car 2005 (op) S/divn, Badal AE (op) S/Divn Badal 9646114534
16 PAT 9608 Mahindara pick up matadoor 1988 (op) S/Divn, Sukhram pur AE (op) S/Divn, Mian pur at Rangeel 9646110111
17 PB 11 R 0583 Ambasadoor Car 2001 (op) S/Divn, Sukhram pur AE (op) S/Divn, Sukhram pur 9646110109
18 CH 01 G 0567 Ambasadoor Car 2001 (op) Circle , Mohali Addl. SE (op) Divn, Mohali 96466 98623
19 PB 11 AE 3927 Ambassador car/ NOV. 2006 SE/P&M Circle, Patiala, Addl. SE/Civil, PTA 96461 23800
20 PB 11 H 7041 Ambassador car/ 1996 SE/Enforcement, Shakti Vihar, Patiala AAE/Enforcement/PTA 96461 19500
21 PB 11 L 0023 Ambassador car/ 2006 Addl./ SE P&M Divn, Bathinda Addl./ SE P&M Divn, BTI 96461 14535
22 PB 13 2094 Bajaj Tempo pick up/1989 SDO (op) Sub urban S/Divn, Sangrur SDO (op) Sub urban S/Divn, Sangrur 96461 14553
23 PB 11 K 0939 Ambassador car/ 1997 SDO (op) S/Divn, Sukhrampur ( Roop Nagar) SDO (op) s/divn, Sukhrampur 96461 19655
24 PB 10 C 9549 Mahindara matadoor/1989 SDO (op) S/Divn, Chamkor Sahib SDO (op) S/Divn, Chamkor Sahib 9646110108
25 PB-11 W 2950 Ambassador car/ 2003 SDO (op) S/Divn, City Sunam (Udham singh Wala) SDO (op) S/Divn, City Sunam (Udham singh Wala) 646110075
26 PB-13 F 8037 Swaraj Mazda / 1998 SDO (op) S/Divn, City Sunam (Udham singh Wala) SDO (op) S/Divn, City Sunam (Udham singh Wala) 9646110075
27 PB-39 A 2873 Mahindara Jeep Dis / 1997 SDO (op) S/Divn, Rajpura 66 KV, Old Grid Rajpura 9646118952
28 PUB-9334 TELCO TRUCK 1976 SDO (op) City S/Divn, Mansa SDO (op) City S/Divn, Mansa. 9646114550
29 PUN 4159 TATA TRUCK 1974 SDO (op) City S/Divn, MOGA SDO (op) City S/Divn, MOGA 96461 14575
30 PB-11-G 3618 M & M Pick up/1995 SDO (op) S/Divn, SANOUR , PATIALA SDO (op) S/Divn, SANOUR. 9646110046

NOTE I:- The security/EMD shall only be accepted by Cash/Demand Draft in favor of PSPCL payable at Patiala, as per the prevailing terms & conditions of the sale.
NOTE II:- After completion of auction, unsold balance material store/item wise can be auctioned in a single lot or lot wise thereafter on the same day.
NOTE III: – The above mentioned quantities are tentative and the Disposal Committee without assigning any reason, reserves the full right to make any addition/cancellation/Alteration (increase/decrease/re-auction) of any quantity of material of any store at any stage of Auction.
NOTE IV:- The rates/procedure applicable under GST may be confirmed/appraise and rules made by the Government of India in this behalf shall be applicable as per the instruction of PSPCL.


AO/Disposal                            Addl. SE./Disposal                               COS &Disposal(S) PTA



It is for information of general public that the following Booths/Shop-cum-Flat at Nuhon Colony, Shopping Complex, GGSSTP, Ropar will be auctioned on lease for 11 months on monthly rent basis on 12-07-2017 at 3.00 PM in the office of Addl. SE. /CMT Division, GGSSTP, Nuhon Colony, Ropar. The details of Booths/Shops are as under:-

Sr. No.

Shop/ Booth No.



Reserve Rent/ Lease P. Month

1. Shop–cum-Flat No.7, Nuhon Colony 18.8X 3.9 M Cloth & Ready Made Garments/ Boutiqe/ Ayurvedic Product/ Karyana. Rs.4000/-
2. Booth No.7, Nuhon Colony 4.45 x 2.75M Barber Shop/ Beautician. Rs.2000/-


  1. The intending bidders who want to participate in the auction are required to submit a Demand Draft of Rs.5000/- per shop/booth or cash, as earnest money in favour of Accounts Officer/O&M, GGSSTP, Ropar, payable at Ropar with Addl. SE./CMT Divn. (O&M) GGSSTP, Ropar, on or before the date of auction.
  2. The successful bidders will be required to pay three months lease money (rent) through Demand Draft or through cash in favour of A.O./O&M, GGSSTP, Ropar, at the fall of hammer.
  3. Successful bidder will have to deposit a sum of Rs.10,000/- as security which will be refunded to the shopkeeper at the time of vacation of the shop and the department will not pay any interest for the said amount.
  4. The competent authority reserves the right to reject any or all the bids or can withdraw a booth/S.C.F from auction without assigning any reason, whatsoever.
  5. In case the above date happens to be a holiday, the auction shall take place at the same time on the next working day.
  6. The intending bidders shall have to produce a minimum of 2 years experience certificate in the trade, duly verified by the Municipal Commissioner/ Sarpanch of City/Village concerned.
  7. The intending bidders shall have to purchase the copy of terms & conditions of auction which can be had from the office of the undersigned on any working day upto 1.00 PM on date of auction by depositing Rs.50/- Per booth/shop towards its cost with A.O./O&M, GGSSTP, Ropar. These bidders who do not purchase the terms & conditions will not be allowed to participate in the auction.
  8. The service tax shall be payable extra over and above the bid given by the intending bidder.
  9. All the intending bidders shall also submit the proof of permanent address with the application for purchase of auction documents.
  10. For Shop-cum- Flat No.7 at Nuhon Colony, the cross walls will be allowed to be removed at the cost of the prospective allottees/bidders, if they so desire subject to structural safety of the building, at their cost.
  11. All other terms & conditions of auction shall be announced at the time of auction.


Addl. SE, CMT.
O&M, GGSSTP, Ropar.


(66 KV Sub Station, Near Old Subji Mandi, G.T. Road, Ludhiana Pin Code 141001)
E.mail: Ph: 0161-2746499)


The open Auction for the sale of wood scrap, standing trees and old/un-serviceable vehicles lying in various offices of PSPCL on “As Is Where Is” basis shall be held as per following details:-

Auction Notice No.

Venue, Date and Time of Auction

Description of Material

Place where material is lying

Auction to be conducted by

01/Ldh-17 O/O Addl.SE/Central Store, PSPCL, Jalandhar on 16-06-2017 at 12.00 Noon. wood scrap, standing trees and old/ un-serviceable vehicles Various Offices/ Stores/ Thermal Plants of PSPCL Disposal Committee (North) Ludhiana

The description of material along with quantity & location of material and terms & conditions of auction can be seen on PSPCL website

Terms & Conditions

  1. The quantity may vary according to the actual availability in the store.
  2. The highest bidder shall have to deposit the earnest money @ 10% of the
  3. Bid to the nearest hundred of Rs.5000/- which ever is higher, in cash at the fall of hammer, out of which 8% will be adjusted towards cost of the material in the last installment and the balance 2% shall be refunded after the faithful execution of the sale confirmation orders.
  4. Bidders are requested to get themselves registered by making payment of Rs.5000/-per person in cash (refundable after auction). The registration shall commence at 11.30AM at the place of auction and shall continue till the start of auction. The bid registration money shall be forfeited in respect of bidder who fails to deposit the bid money immediately after the fall of hammer.
  5. Disposal Committee shall have the full rights to accept or reject or postpone the auction of any or all the items without assigning any reason.
  6. The terms & conditions of sale may be seen by the bidders in this office on any working day on at the place of auction before registration.
  7. The bidders may inspect the material lying in various stores as per detailed above before auction.
  8. The bidders who purchase material worth Rs. 100000/- will have to deposit full amount at the place of auction.
  9. The material that remained unsold in any auction shall be repeated in the next / subsequent auction.
  10. Only one person will be allowed against one registration.
  11. In case the date of auction is declared a Public Holiday; the auction shall be conducted on the next working day.


COS&D (North),
PSPCL Ludhiana