Single Phase Supply to Deras and Dhanis being fed from 11KV AP Rural feeders


P.R.Circular No. 1/2007
Dated: 20.04.2007
The Chief Engineer/S.O.&C,
Power Regulation & Control Dte.,
PSEB, 220KV S/Stn., Ablowal, Patiala.

1. All EIC/CEs/Distribution in PSEB.
2. Chief Engineer/P&M, PSEB, Ludhiana.
3. Chief Engineer/Enforcement, PSEB, Patiala.
4. All Dy.CEs/SEs/Distribution in PSEB.
5. All Dy.CEs/SEs/P&M in PSEB.
6. All Dy.CEs/Directors/Enforcement & EA&MMTS.
7. All Addl.SEs/Sr.XENs/Distribution along with 5 spare copies for further distribution amongst XENs/AEEs/AEs.
8. All Addl.SEs/Sr.XENs/P&M, Grid Mtc. & Distribution along with 5 spare copies.
9. All Addl. SEs/Sr.XENs/Enforcement & EA&MMTS along with 5 spare copies.

Memo No. 2752/2976/SO/PRC/LD-38 Dated: 20.4.07
Subject: Single Phase Supply to Deras and Dhanis being fed from 11KV AP Rural feeders.

Please refer to this office PR Circular No. 08/2006 dated 23.5.06 on the above cited subject.
Even after segregation of AP and GSC rural load, some Deras & Dhanis are still being fed from rural AP feeders. As per PR Circular No. 8/2006 dated 23.5.06, single phase supply to such Deras and Dhanis being fed from 11KV Rural AP feeders during morning and evening period is allowed, provided the single phase load is within 5% of the maximum load recorded on the feeder during three phase supply.

In view of representations received from the field organizations to enhance this limit of 5%, the matter has been reviewed and decided that this limit of 5% be enhanced to 15%. Accordingly, this limit of 5% as stipulated in PR Circular No. 08/2006 dated 23.5.06 is hereby enhanced to 15%.
All other terms and conditions of the said PR Circular No. 08/2006 shall remain unchanged.

The above is issued with the approval of the competent authority.
These instructions can be down loaded from PSEB’s Website

Chief Engineer/S.O.&C,
PSEB, Patiala.

CC: 1) Chairman, PSEB & All Members/PSEB.
O.S.D. to Chairman, PSEB, Patiala.
Chief Engineer/Commercial, PSEB, Patiala.
Chief Engineer/Q.I. & T.A., PSEB, Patiala.
Director/I.R., PSEB, Patiala.
Director/I.T., PSEB, Patiala for putting the above Circular on PSEB Web-site.