Relaxation – Compulsory Weekly Off day/Power Cut on Industries.


P.R.Circular No. 15/2008
Dated:   19.9.2008

The Chief Engineer/S.O.&C,
Power Regulation & Control Dte.,
PSEB, 220KV S/Stn., Ablowal, Patiala.


1.         All EIC/CEs/Distribution in PSEB.
2.         Chief Engineer/P&M, PSEB, Ludhiana.
3.         Chief Engineer/Enforcement, PSEB, Patiala.
4.         All Dy.CEs/SEs/Distribution in PSEB.
5.         All Dy.CEs/SEs/P&M in PSEB.
6.         All Dy.CEs/Directors/Enforcement & EA&MMTS.
7.         All Addl.SEs/Sr.XENs/Distribution along with 5 spare copies for further distribution amongst XENs/AEEs/AEs.
8.         All Addl.SEs/Sr.XENs/P&M, Grid Mtc. & Distribution.
9.         All Addl. SEs/Sr.XENs/Enforcement & EA&MMTS.

Memo No. 6965/7177/SO/PRC/LD-38                          Dated: 19.9.2008
Subject:         Relaxation – Compulsory Weekly Off day/Power Cut on Industries.

In continuation to this office PR Circular No. 3/2007 dated 7.6.07, 4/2007 dated 9.6.2007, 9/08 dated 18.7.08 & No. 13/08 dated 15.9.08, it has been/was decided to relax weekly off day/Power Regulatory Measures on industries as under:-

  1. 2nd Weekly Off day of consumers being fed from category-I and category-II feeders and Induction furnace/Rolling Mill consumers was relaxed w.e.f. expiry of peak load hours of 6.9.08 to 08.00 hrs. of 8.9.08 vide this office telephone message no. 7372 dated 6.9.08 and 7377 dated 7.9.08
  2. Peak Load Restrictions on Category-IV feeders were relaxed from 7 to 3 hours for 6.9.08 and 7.9.08 vide this office telephone message no. 7372 dated 6.9.08 and No. 7377 dated 7.9.08.
  3. 2nd weekly Off day on industries feeding from Category-I feeder was relaxed w.e.f. 17.00 hrs. of 17.9.08 to 08.00 hrs. of 20.9.08 vide this office memo no. 6868/92 dated 17.9.08 and no. 6898/6923 dated 18.9.08.
  4.  All additional Regulatory Measures and Peak Load Hour Restrictions were relaxed w.e.f. 08.00 hrs. of 19.9.08 for all type of industry till further orders vide this office telephone message no. 7350 dated 19.9.08. Only one weekly off day on all type of industry except Continuous Process Industry remained applicable. In partial modification of PR Circular 3/07 dated 7.6.07, it was decided that Rolling Mill consumers will observe their weekly off day as per the timings of Induction furnaces i.e. from the expiry of peak load hours of previous day to the expiry of peak load hours of the off day. 9 hr. peak load hour restrictions on category-IV feeders were relaxed to 3 hours.
  5. First weekly off day imposed on all industries as per PR Circular no.   3/07 dated 7.6.07 was also relaxed w.e.f. 14.00 hrs. of 19.9.08 to 08.00 hrs. of 22.9.08.

The other terms & conditions including penalty for the violation of the above instructions as contained in P.R.Circular No. 3/2007, 4/2007 & 2/98 shall remain unchanged.

It is requested that all the concerned consumers be informed accordingly.
These instructions can be down loaded from PSEB’s Website

For     Chief Engineer/SO&C,
PSEB, Patiala.

1)Chairman, PSEB & All Members/PSEB.
2) O.S.D. to Chairman, PSEB, Patiala.
3) Chief Engineer/Commercial, PSEB, Patiala.
4) Chief Engineer/QI & TA, PSEB, Patiala.
5) Director/I.R., PSEB, Patiala.
6) Director/Technical, PSEB, Patiala. He is requested
to endorse the same to Dy.Secy./Services- III &
Dy.Secy./Tech. I, II & III, PSEB, Patiala.
7)Director/I.T., PSEB, Patiala for putting the
above Circular on PSEB Web-site.
8)Dy.Director/Sr.Xen/CBC, PSEB, Patiala, Ludhiana & Jalandhar.