Power Supply to Cold Storages fed from Rural Feeders.

PR Circular No. 6/1999
Dated: 20.9.1999

Memo No. 9098/9348/SO/PRC/LD/PC-260 Dated 20.9.1999

SUBJECT: Power Supply to Cold Storages fed from Rural Feeders.

In super session of P.R.Circular o. 3/88 dated 18.2.88 and all other instructions on the subject, the matter regarding Power Supply to Cold Storage Consumers fed from rural feeders has been re-considered keeping in view the energisation of a number of new Grid Sub-Stations and 11KV 24 hours supply feeders and it has been decided as under:-

1) The existing Cold Storage Consumers fed from Rural Feeders may be advised to get their connections shifted to Urban/Industrial feeders at their own cost by 31.3.2000.

2) The Cold Storage Consumers who do not come forward to opt for (1) above (i.e. for shifting their connection to Urban/Industrial feeder at their cost) may be advised to install the own D.G.Sets. It may be made clear to such consumers that Power Supply shall be given to them only as per Power Supply Schedule of Rural Feeders with effect from 1.4.2000.

3) No fresh Cold Storage connection be released on rural feeders. If any prospective consumer demands such connection on a rural feeder, he/shall have to give an Affidavit that he will not demand special consideration and supply to him shall be given as per Schedule of Rural Feeders.

NOTE:- The facility regarding giving 16 hours Power supply in two spells to Cold Storage, consumers fed from rural feeders with the help of operation of not more than 10 No. G.O.Switches shall only available up to 31.3.2000.

The above may please be got noted from all the concerned consumers immediately.


Director/P.R.& C,
for Chief Engineer/SO&C,
PSEB, Patiala.