Classification of Essential Services and Essential Industries

PR Circular No. 12/1998
Dated: 3.8.98

Memo No. 4388/4572/LD/PC/Jal/V-IV Dated: 3.8.98

Subject: Classification of Essential Services and Essential Industries .

In suppression of this office Endst. No. 1887/1905/LD-38 dated 6.6.88 and all earlier instructions on the subject, it has been decided to include additional categories of consumers in the category of Essential service and Essential industries. In order to-smoothen application of Peak Load Hours Restrictions, the revised list of Essential services and Essential industries is given below for the guidance of the field offices:-


Hospitals, Railway stations, Railway Installations, P&T Installations, Defence & Military Installations, All Indian Radio/T.V., water supply and sewerage installations and News Paper printing presses /News Service Installations.

Peak Load Hours Restrictions and instructions of compulsory weekly off-Days are not applicable in case of these Essential Services.


Fertilizer Plants (except N.F.L. Bathinda and N.F.L. Nangal (New), Gas Plants, Sugar Mills, Vanspati Mills, Milk processing Plants, Breweries & Distilleries, Roller Floor mills, Railway workshops, oil Depots/L.P.G. Depots, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Units, Environment Treatment Plants (E.T.P Plants )/ Pollution Control Equipment.

These Essential industries, which are being fed through Independent Feeders can avail some load during Peak Load Hours, on Payment of Peak Load Exemption Charges, with the approval of this office.

for Chief Engineer/SO&C,
PSEB, Patiala.