TA & I (Tech. Audit and Inspection)

Chief Engineer /Technical Audit & Inspection

Technical Audit & Inspection Wing in PSPCL is responsible not only for quality controll being inspected by Inspections but also motivates the field officers for exercising quality control for improving the quality of work being executed by PSPCL by the way of regular checking.The Technical Audit & Inspection Organization also ensures proper use of material for execution of works. To achieve the purpose four units headed by Dy.CE/SE has been created under CE/TA & I,These units are as under:

  1. SE/Material Services,PSPCL,Patiala,.
  2. Dy.CE/TA (Elect.) PSPCL,Patiala.
  3. Dy.CE/TA (Civil) PSPCL Patiala.
  4. Dy.CE/DSM,PSPCL, Patiala.


Under Inspection Wing the material is got inspected immediately after the receipt of Inspection Requistions against the orders placed by Chief Engineer/MM,Chief Engineer/Metering, Chief Engineer / RE & APDRP and Chief Engineer/Workshop by deputing  Addl.SEs/Sr.Xens/Inspection.The inspection of the material is done in accordance with provision in Indian standard/PSEB specifications & Purchase Order.The inspection reports are scrutinized and there after the dispatches are allowed by the Competent Authority.Transformers repaired by various transformer Repair Workshop(TRWs) of PSEB are also checked/tested by Addl.SEs/Sr.Xens/TRT who are also the part of the inspection wing.Inpection of the material  carried out by this wing during the financial year 2014-15, 2015-16,2016-17 and 2017-18  is as under:-

(Material Inspected during the financial Year)

Sr. No. Description 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
1. Total No of inspections conducted(Nos.) 4091 2761 2986 2339
2. Total length of conductor (ACSR) inspected (Kms) 17201 24283 46440 23122
3. Total no of T/F inspected (nos) 67507 75418 201160 109167
4. Total no. of meters inspected(nos.) 650327 438410 632858  545643
5. Total no. of poles inpected (nos) 217304 191667 274277 206694
6. Total length of cable inspected(Kms) 39351 26786 27950 20375

Apart from the above, the inspection of other misc. items like GO Switches, insulators, DPC wires and strips, Nut & Bolts, structure steel, T/F oil, ACs, vehicles & stationery etc. have also been conducted. While conducting the inspection. The material such as conductor, cables, transformers & other items have been rejected in 184 nos. cases during 2014-15, 98 no. cases during 2015-16, and 91 no. cases during 2016-17 and 117 No. cases during 2017-18.

Regular meetings of all the officers of inspection wing are held for technical interaction, improvement in working discussing suggestions & monitoring the progress. Instructions/guiderlines are issued from time to time to bring improvement in the quality control system.

The job of works appraisals of the firms who participate for the first time in PSPCL for the supply of any item of material required for distribution system is being done by SE/MS besides it other officers on the panel under direct supervision of CE/TA &I, for evaluating the technical & financial suitability of the firm towards supply of material by actually visiting the firm permises.

Dy.CE/Technical Audit (Elect,) Patiala

This Unit investigates the complaints received directly from the public or forwarded by higher authorities and submits the reports to the competent authority for decision,Further more,this unit conducts the checking of following jobs or monthly basis.

  • Physical verification of material drawn form store and used at site.
  • Petty purchase expenditure by the Sub Division.
  • Physical verification of material received in various stores.
  • Checking the compliance of computerized Key exception reports,job orders,ME-i & ME-ii registers,compliance of Boards instructions and other misc. works.
  • Checking of quality and calibration of energy meters.

The progress achieved during financial year 2014-15,2015-16, 2016-17,2017-18 & 2018-19 is as under:-

Sr. No. Description Progress acheived during the Financial Year  
2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
1. No. of inspections done 560 596 607 630 619
2. No. of complaints deal 290 236 308 198 265
3. No. of officers/officials penalized 274 380 279 383 175

Further more, on checking the quality of material received in stores,in cases where defects are found in material viz.cables,insulators, G.O.Switches  and ACSR etc. defective material is not accepted and the firms are suitably penalized by sending strong signal of ? No compromise in quality of material by PSEB now PSPCL.

Checking of works by Technical Audit Unit is done in such a manner that some of the area in every division is covered, so that fear of existence of surprise check persists for all the field officers/officials of the PSEB no PSPCL.

Depending upon work load some of the works appraisals are also assigned to Dy.CE/Technical Audit (Elect.) for evaluating the technical and financial suitability to the firms who participated for the first time in PSEB now PSPCL for supply of material.

Dy.Chief Engineer/Technical Audit (Civil) PSPCL,Patiala

The following works are being carried out by this office.

  • Investigation of complaints related with Civil Works and other Misc. complaints.
  • Technical Audit of Civil construction, works, such as 66 KV, Sub Stations, addition and alteration in Sub Station Control Room building other building works and works during construction.
  • Technical Audit of maintenance works of residential and non-residential buildings
  • Technical Audit of Civil Works of well foundations-setting and protection of Tower foundations.
  • Measurement of Coal Stock of 3 Nos.Thermal Plants of PSPCL.
  • Checking of Civil Works carried out at Hydel Projects.
  • Checking of Capital and Maintenance Civil Works ins 3 Nos.Thermal Plants.
  • Expenditure incurred on petty purchase by various Civil works Sub-Division.
  • Dealing/Supplying of RTI Informations.
  • Other specific jobs as entrusted by Competent Authority (CMD and Directors of PSPCL) from time to time.

Demand Side Management (DSM)

Demand Side Management Organization of PSPCL is responsible for Energy Conservation awareness and implementation of Energy Efficiency and DSM related projects as directed by PSPCL management and by other agencies such as Hon’ble PSERC, BEE & PEDA time to time. DSM relies on the use of high efficiency equipment and efficient use of electricity through good operating practice will improve level of service and comfort.  The key objectives of DSM Organization are:

  • To control, reduce and influence electricity demand by implementation of suitable policies and measures.
  • To encourage consumers to amend their electricity consumption pattern both with respect to timing and level of electricity demand for efficient use of energy.
  • To complement supply side strategies to help utility to avoid or delay costly capacity additions by slowing demand growth.
  • To reduce the environmental damage by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.
  • To supplement national level efforts for implementation various DSM programme set out by Bureau of Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Act- 2001.
  • To promote peak load management by clipping or shifting of peak load to off-peak periods.
  • To reduce the cost of power purchase by the Distribution Licensee(s).
  • To achieve the above mentioned objectives, DSM Cell of PSPCL also provides awareness activities / campaigns / exhibitions / Functions / Competitions, consumer interaction sessions etc. to supervise the same.

The various projects/ works presently being undertaken by DSM office is as follows:

1. UJALA Scheme: Ujala Scheme has been launched in the state of Punjab on dated 24.05.2017 at Mohali which has been extended in 22 no. of towns of In this scheme, M/s EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Limited a Joint venture of PSUs of Ministry of Power, Govt. of India), is distributing energy efficient appliances like 9 watt LED Bulbs with warranty period of 3 years at the price of Rs. 70/-, 20 W LED Tube lights at price of Rs. 220/- with warranty period of 3 years & 50 W BEE 5 star rated Ceiling Fans at the price of Rs. 1110 with warranty period of 2.5 years. Up to 31.12.2018, 13.37 Lac 9 Watt LED Lamps, 0.76 Lac 20 Watt LED Tube lights & approx. 0.18 Lac Energy efficient fans have been distributed among the consumers of PSPCL in the state of Punjab.

2. Agricultural Demand Side Management. (Ag DSM): In this scheme, EESL will make the entire upfront capital investment to replace One Lac no. of inefficient pump sets with BEE star efficient pump sets. For measuring the saving potential in the state of Punjab, PSPCL has authorized M/s EESL for execution of Demonstration Pilot Project at 11 KV Chatipeer feeder of 66 KV Achal S/S under Nabha Division, circle Patiala. The results/Savings potential achieved by implementation of the demonstration pilot project shall be deemed for rolling out the Ag-DSM project in the whole of Punjab (by replacing existing pumps sets with BEE 5 star rated pump sets).

3. Replacement of inefficient ACs with efficient ACs: Replacement of 1982 make old ACs at GGSSTP, Ropar PSPCL has achieved saving potential of about 3 Lacs unit per annum.

4. Solarization of Agriculture pumps: A proposal to provide solarization on Agriculture pump to install 222 no. solar PV pumps sets at the Lohari Agriculture Feeder, at Bassi Pathana Subdivision, under Khanna Circle is under consideration of PSPCL management. In this regard, PSPCL issued a consent letter to NDDB Anand, Gujarat for the preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR). Accordingly, NDDB has submitted the DPR while considering 30% MNRE subsidy upto 7.5 HP capacity pumps & 15 KW Solar PV system. The total project has been calculated as Rs. 15.11 Cr. The Payback period will be of around 8 years. Accounting of energy would be on net metering basis.

5. Replacement of Metal Halide Street light with LED Street lights:

  • A pilot project to replace 27 no of inefficient Metal Halide Lamps with LED street lights at Power Colony-1, PSPCL has been completed. From this project  PSPCL has saved 9720 Units per annum.Now, the process to replace remaining 100 no. of street light points at Power Colony-I is under consideration.
  • PSPCL is also going to replace 1450 no. of old 70 watt HPSV street lights &40 no. 400 watt Boundary lights with Energy Efficient 35 watt LED street lights and 190 watt LED Boundary lights through M/s EESL at GGSSTP, Rupnagar.

6. Replacement of ICLs in the office buildings of PSPCL.

  • PSPCL has going to replace 4137 nos. of ICLs of different wattage and 42582 no. of no. of 40 Watt fluorescent Tube Lights with 9 Watt LED lamps and 20 W LED Tube lights. In this regard, the office of CE/ MM, PSPCL, Patiala has awarded P.O.-CUM-CONTRACT NO.- HD-506/Q-190/PO-C Dated: 11.10.2018 to M/s EESL
  • PSPCL has also replaced 1475 no. of 40 W Fluorescent tube lights with 20 W LED Tube lights from M/s EESL at GGSSTP, Roopnagar. From this project PSPCL saved 1.03 LUs. per annum.

7. Bachat Lamp Yojna (BLY): This project for replacement of ICLs with CFL in the State of Punjab. In this scheme total 16,38,059 nos. Of CFLs have been distributed in 4,93,999 no. of households by M/s CQC Malaysia. PSPCL has achieved saving potential of about 3 Lacs unit per annum.

8. Energy Efficiency awareness: The Cell organizes functions in various schools throughout Punjab to promote energy efficiency amongst the younger generation. Total 15 no. of functions are organized in complete zones of PSPCL. In these function competition such as paper reading, declamation competition/ Seminars/Public Lectures etc. is being conducted between the students to aware them regarding Energy Conservation.State Level function is also held to celebrate the energy conservation day on 14th December every year. The awareness campaign is also continued on behalf of PSPCL in the Kissan Melas or other State/District Level Public programs.


AMR SYSTEM: DSM wing coordinate with IT P&M wing of PSPCL and the office of Director Distribution- downloads the AMR data, MDAS data and REC data of 3 phase 3 wire purely AP Feeders including pumped energy data available on the link provided by the office of Director/Distribution, PSPCL. This office has submitted the AMR data from Jan.2018 onwards before Hon’ble PSERC through C.E./ARR & TR.

a.) PSPCL vide its commercial circular no. 43/2011, has made it mandatory to install at least 4 star BEE labeled Motor Pump Set, Power Capacitor, Foot/ Reflex Valve all the newly released tube well connection from January 2012. Now all the new AP connections are being released with 4-star rated pump set. From this scheme PSPCL has saved 300 MUs. per annum.

b.) 50 KW Pilot Solar PV Power Generation Plant:50 KW Solar PV Project has been installed on seven storey building Head Office PSPCL and its running successfully.

c.) Assessment of AP consumption calculating the AP Factor: PSPCL is assessing its tentative monthly AP consumption on the basis of sample meter methodology for calculating factor of AP Un-metered Tubewell connections.