Industrial Relations Department

Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd. is a vital organization of the Punjab State. Industrial Relation Branch is playing an important role to maintain cordial relations between management and employees, and also supervising the implementation of Labour Laws under the able guidance of Er. V.K. Gulati. Dy.CE/Tech. to Director Administration, PSPCL, Patiala through the following officers:-

Sr. No. Officer Name & Designation Office Name
1. Mr. B.S. Gurm, Under Secy./IR Industrial Relations Section, Head office, PSPCL, Patiala.
Mob. No. 96461-05111
2. Ms. Babita, AM/IR Industrial Relations Section, Head office, PSPCL, Patiala.
3. Smt. TwinkleSahota, AM/IR Industrial Relations Section, Head office, PSPCL, Patiala.
4. Ms. Jasmine Kaur, CWO/AM/IR CE/GGSSTP, PSPCL, Ropar.
5. Mr. Vipin Kumar,CWO/ AM/IR CE/GHTP, PSPCL, Lehra Mohhabat.
6. Mr. Sarbjeet Singh, AM/IR CE/Op., Central Zone, PSPCL, Ludhiana.
7. Mr. Ranbir Singh, AM/IR CE/Op., Border Zone, PSPCL, Amritsar.
8. Smt. Jaschetandeep Kaur, AM/IR CE/Op., South Zone, PSPCL, Patiala.
9. Smt. Ranjit Kaur, AM/IR CE/Op., North Zone, PSPCL, Jalandhar.
10. Smt. Sonika, AM/IR Dy. CE/Op. Circle, UBDC, PSPCL, Malikpur (Pathankot)
11. Smt. Shivi Sharma, AM/IR Dy. CE/Op. Circle, PSPCL, Mohali.
12. Mr. Baldev Parkash, ALWO SE/Op. Circle, Shakti Sadan, PSPCL, Jalandhar.
13. Mr. Shivdeep Singh, Divisional Supdt. against post of ALWO CE/O&M, GNDTP, PSPCL, Bathinda.
14. Mr. T.J.S. Lamba, Sr. Asstt. against the post of LWO Commercial Sub-Division no.-3, Near Partap Bagh Ladowali Road, PSPCL, Jalandhar.

Industrial Relation Section deals with the work of defense of Industrial Tribunal/Labour Court cases and implementation of various Labour laws. Some of them are as under:-

Labour Court Cases/Industrial Tribunal/Astt. Labour Commissioner Cases:

At present this office is dealing with the Labour court cases of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited pending in 6 No. Labour Courts in Punjab and in Industrial Tribunal/Asstt. Labour Commissioner through above said officers.

Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952.

This act is only applicable to the work charged, contingent, daily wagers and part time workers. Under the provisions of this Act, Board contributes towards EPF employer’s contribution Fund equivalent to 12% of basic pay of the workers. The amount is deposited with the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner. The provisions of this act are applicable to the workers from the day one of their service drawing wages up to 15000 /-PM. The instructions are issued from time to time to the field offices regarding implementation of the act ibid. The act provides many benefits to workers i.e. Employees Deposit Linked Insurance, Employees’ Pension Scheme. The periodical inspections are carried out by the officers of this office to ensure that provisions of this act are complied with by all the covered units.

Industrial Disputes Act, 1947

This act was enacted for speedy redressal of industrial disputes to ensure industrial peace. Efforts were made to settle the industrial disputes amicably through conciliation machinery of the State provided under this Act. Many cases were settled mutually with the workers.

Employees State Insurance, 1948

This act is only applicable to the work charged, contingent, daily wagers working in units registered under the Factory Act-1948 which falls within the covered area declared by the State Govt. and drawing wages up to 15000 /-PM. The Chief Welfare Officers, Asstt. Manager/IR, Labour Welfare Officers, Assistant Labour Welfare Officers of the Board are making sincere efforts for implementation of the Act, by ensuring provision of Medical facilities, Maternity Leave, compensation and are conducting periodical inspections in their respective area.

Factory Act, 1948

This act is applicable to all such Sub Stations/Power Houses/Thermal Plants where more than 10 workers are employed and ME Laboratories/Workshops where more than 20 workers are employed. For proper implementation of this act Chief Welfare Officer, Asstt. Manager/IR &Labour Welfare Officer have been appointed as per the provisions of The Factory Act, 1948.

Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972

The provisions of the Act were applicable to the PSPCL regular employees as well as the work-charged employees and remained in force from the date of commencement i.e. 25.8.1973. We succeeded in getting exemption retrospectively i.e. from the date of its enforcement vide Govt. Notification dated 8.1.2004.
Efforts were made to resolve Union disputes and demands at local level through our field staff AM/IR’s, LWOs &ALWOs by involving them in meetings being held by field officers from time to time. Instructions were issued to the field officers that all the cases where disciplinary action is required to be taken against the erring employees should be referred to the field staff of the area or if some retrenchment is to be effected, the case should be discussed with the field staff of the area and his written advice should be sought. This is likely to reduce the pendency of labour court cases and wherever employees have resorted to litigation, proper defense from the Board’s side can be ensured. As the field officers generally do not follow the instructions issued in this regard from this office, this step will bind the concerned officers to take any disciplinary action only after clearance from the Industrial Relations Section.

Identity Cards

Identity cards to all Officers/Employees as well as Retirees of PSPCL are being issued by this office.

Welfare Section

This Section looks after the demands of employees that are represented by various Unions/Federations and Associations of PSPCL Employees and Kissan Unions. Memorandums and Demand charters received from different unions are processed by Welfare Section and meetings are arranged from time to time with different authorities of the PSPCL. After that Minutes of the meeting are prepared and circulated to concerned sections of the PSPCL for action as decided. A suitable follow up is maintained till finalization of action on the decisions taken in different meetings.

At present 48 number major Unions of employees besides many other Unions of Farmers, retirees etc. are there with whom the Welfare Section deals from time to time.
Recently, PSPCL has framed ‘Productivity Council’ consisting of members from Management and Trade Unions. First meeting of this Council was held on 10.01.2007 during which very encouraging response was received and it was decided that regular track of proposals received and suggestions made be kept to make it an important wing for overall welfare of the PSPC. A separate cell for the work of ‘Productivity Council’ is under creation. However, for the time being, its work is being looked after by the Welfare Section.

In addition to the above, a Standing Committee on Union matters under the chairmanship of Director/Administration consisting of Director/Finance, Director/Distribution, and Chief Engineer/HRD as members& Under Secretary./I.R. & Welfare as convener has been formed to take care of demands and problems of the Employee’s Unions/Associations. This Committee works under overall guidance of Chairman-cum-Managing Director.