Human Resource Development



Sr.No.2  The particular of its organizational function and duties (HRD Organization Chart-enclosed)

Office Order No. 264              /TTI-20                                    Dated 2.9.2008
It has been decided that allocation of works under SE/HRD-I and DGM/HRD-II shall be as below:-

 Description HRD-I Directorate HRD-II Directorate
Exclusive trainings for PSPCL officers by outside Agencies.
  • Technical/DRUM trainings of
  • Sr.XENs
  • AEE/AEs
  • Specialized Technical trainings.
  • Management Development Programme for CE/SE/ASE.
  • Technical training of officers of
  • Generation
  • Civil
  • Specialized training such as Workshops of Stress Management/RTI Act etc.
  • Long duration courses e.g. PG Training Programme.
Nominations for trainings by outside Agencies. Nominations of technical officers/officials of all Wings for various trainings by outside Agencies. Nominations of Secretariat/ Accounts Officers for various trainings by outside Agencies and specialized trainings of Generation/Civil.
In-house trainings of officers/officials
  • Distribution and Transmission
  • Wing
  • Ministerial Staff
  • Computer Training.
  • Revenue/Works accounts training.
  • Generation/Secretariat Accounts.
Other jobs.
  • Work of Estt. Under HRD Org.
  • Apprenticeship of LM, DM
  • Managing all TTCs
  • Managing JEs Hostel
  • Projects assigned to consultants by PSPCL such as Staffing study by PWC.
  • Apprenticeship of Degree/ Diploma Holders.
  • Coordination for setting up of Staff College.
  • Managing TTI Hostel.


On going/in process training cases shall continue to be handled by the respective SEs till the logical conclusion.
For ensuring successful conduct of the Programmes the officers of any Directorates may visit the Training Institutes/Training Organizations.

This issue with the approval of Competent Authority.

PSPCL, Patiala.

Endst.No.8640/44                    TTI-779                       Dated 2.9.2008
Copy of the above is forwarded to the following for information and necessary action please:-

Chief Engineer/HRD, PSPCL, Patiala.
SEr/HRD-I, PSPCL, Patiala.
Sr.Executive Engineer/HRD, PSPCL, Patiala.
Account Officer/HRD, PSPCL, Patiala.

PSPCL, Patiala.


Sr.No.9  Directory of its officers:-

Name Designation Office Mobile No.
Er. Jagdish Kumar Bhakoo
Chief Engineer 2213125 96461-18716
S. Jaspal Singh Bedi Pvt. Secy. 2213125
4701 (EPABX)
2305049 (R)
Er. I.P. Singh Sr. Xen/PO 4402 (EPABX) 96461-19442
SE/HRD-I 2207752 96461-18768
Sh. Mohinder Pal P.A. 2207752 94636-16486
Er. A.J.S. Sekhon
Principal/TTI 2221788 96461-18854
Er.Jastej Singh Tiwana Asstt.Engineer/HRD-I 96461-11720
Er.Bishan Kumar Asstt.Engineer /HRD-I 96461-18063
Er.Krishan Kumar Bansal Asstt.Engineer /HRD-I 96461-11718
Dr. Ambika S. Kaur
DGM/HRD-II 2302056 96461-18400
2303600 (R)
Smt. Sharda Rani P.A. 2302056 98145-24083
Er. Navdeep Singh Chahal
Sr.XEN/HRD 4707 (EPABX) 96461-19438
Er. Navroop Kaushal Asstt.Engineer /HRD-II 96461-11715
Er. Baldeep Singh Asstt.Engineer /HRD-II 96461-11716
Asstt. Engineer /HRD-II 96461-10935
Smt. Anupam Asstt. Manager 96460-20702
Sh. Amrinder Kumar Gupta A.O. 4709 96461-10936
Er. Jaspal Singh Virdi Sr.XEN/TTC, Lalton Kalan. 96461-19439
Er. Raghupreet Singh Brar Sr.XEN /TTC, Bathinda 2271077 96461-19440
Er. Manjit Singh Sr.XEN /TTC, Amritsar 2422772 96461-19441

Directory of its employees:-

Name Designation Office Mobile No.
Er. Anil Sehgal JE CE/HRD 96461-19265
Er. Vinood Kumar JE S/S Principal/TTI 96461-18053
Er. Gurjant Singh JE -do- 96461-19255
Er. Ashwani Kumar AAE -do- 96461-19323
Er. Balram Kumar JE -do- 96461-19262
Er. Charanjeet Sharma JE S/S -do- 96461-19263
Er. Harbant Singh AAE -do- 96461-19322
Er. Shaminderjit Singh  Gill AAE -do- 96461-19266
Er. Neelam Sharma AAE -do- 96461-19012
Er. Dalip Singh AAE DGM/HRD-II 96461-19321
Er. Hem Raj JE -do- 96461-19276
Er. Rajdeep Singh JE S/S -d0 96461-19254
Er. Balbir Singh AAE Sr.XEN/TTC ASR 96461-19092
Er. Darbari Lal AAE -do- 96461-19327
Er. Surinder Paul JE -do- 96461-19293
Er. Jaswinder Singh JE -do- 96461-19294
Er. Davinder Singh AAE Sr.XEN//TTC, Lalton Kalan 96461-19286
Er. Yadvinder Paul AAE -do- 96461-18802
Er. Harbhajan Singh AAE -do-
Er. Inderjit Singh JE Sr. XEN/TTC  BTI 96461-19296
Er. Sadhu Singh AAE -do- 96461-19264
Er. Urmaljit Singh AAE -do- 96461-18072
Er. Ramesh Kumar Sharma AAE -do- 96461-16888
Er. Jagjit Singh Sehdev JE -do- 96461-18071


Sr.No.14  Details in respect of the information available to or hold by its reduced in an electronic form.(CD enclosed).


Sr.No.15  The names designation & other particulars of the Public Information Officers:-

The following officers have been designated vide Chief/IRR&W (RTI Cell), PSPCL, Patiala office order No.11/RTI/G-18 dated 13.11.2009 as under:-

Sr. No. Description
1. Appellate Authority:  CE/HRD, TTI Complex, PSPCL, Patiala. Contact No.96461-18716.
2. Public Information Officers: SE/HRD-I, TTI Complex, PSPCL, Patiala. Contact No.96461-18768.
3. Asstt. Public Information Officer: Sr.XEN/HRD, TTI Complex, PSPCL, Patiala. Contact No.96461-19438