Enforcement Wing

PSPCL is supplying electric power in the State of Punjab in a customer service friendly environment. The Enforcement Org. of PSPCL is entrusted with the work of detection of theft of electricity, wrong metering, unauthorized extensions in load, energy auditing and to check other irregularities in connections and accuracy of meters/metering equipment and analysis of data stored in the electronic meters by down loading the data of LS consumers regularly within prescribed memory period. The electronic meters hasgot memory period of 30 to 70 days which are installed at all LS consumers and take print-outs to study/analyze regularly regarding violations of power regulation instructions, wrong metering and theft etc.and to enquire public complaints and detect violations of PSPCL’s instructions by its employees and consumers.

There are 30 nos. Enforcement squads and 13 nos. Mobile Meter Testing Squads attached with Enforcement SE’s each headed by Addl.SE/Sr. Xen/AEE. Each Enforcement & MMTS squad is equipped with latest testing equipments such as MRI, portable electronic meters testing equipment, clip on meters. Computers has been provided to each Enforcement/MMTSsquads andSE’s to minutely analyze the print outs of consumers.


Enforcement Org. of PSPCL is headed by Chief Engineer and having 5 no. Superintending Engineers under his charge whose offices are situated as follows:-

Chief Engineer/Enforcement, Patiala 0175-2215774 96461-18102
PS 96461-30430
AE/ Enforcement, Patiala 96461-18148
Suptt/Estt 96461-29777
SE/Enforcement, Patiala 0175-2228227 96461-18103
PA 94630-51515
AEE/ Enforcement, Patiala 96461-18155
AEE/ Enforcement, Patiala 96461-18156
SR.XEN/ Enforcement-1, Patiala 96461-18166
SR.XEN/ Enforcement-2, Patiala 96461-22200
SR.XEN/ Enforcement, Sangrur 96461-18113
SR.XEN/ Enforcement, Mohali 96461-18114
AEE/ Enforcement, Patiala
SR.XEN/MMTS, Patiala 96461-22207
SR.XEN/MMTS, Mohali 96461-18136
SR.XEN/MMTS, DeraBassi 96461-18137
SE/Enforcement, Ludhiana 0161-2455839 96461-18104
PA 98150-63655
AEE/ Enforcement, Ludhiana 96461-18157
SR.XEN/ Enforcement-1, Ludhiana 96461-22201
SR.XEN/ Enforcement-2, Ludhiana 96461-18116
SR.XEN/ Enforcement-3, Ludhiana 96461-18117
SR.XEN/ Enforcement, Khanna 96461-18118
AEE/ Enforcement-1, Ludhiana
AEE/ Enforcement-2, Ludhiana 96461-48410
SR.XEN/MMTS-1, Ludhiana 96461-18139
SR.XEN/MMTS-2, Ludhiana 96461-18140
SR.XEN/MMTS-3, Ludhiana 96461-22208
SR.XEN/MMTS, Khanna 96461-18142
SE/Enforcement, Jalandhar 0181-2235825 96461-18105
PA 94176-56770
AEE/Enforcement, Jalandhar 96461-18148
SR.XEN/ Enforcement-1, Jalandhar 96461-18119
SR.XEN/ Enforcement-2, Jalandhar 96461-18120
SR.XEN/ Enforcement, Kapurthala 96461-18123
SR.XEN/ Enforcement, NawaShehar 96461-18121
SR.XEN/ Enforcement, Hoshiarpur 96461-18122
AEE/ Enforcement-1, Jalandhar 96461-18151
AEE/ Enforcement-2, Jalandhar 96461-18152
SR.XEN/MMTS-1, Jalandhar 96461-18143
SR.XEN/MMTS-2, Jalandhar 96461-09764
SE/Enforcement, Bathinda 0164-2273812 96461-08133
PA 96461-06466
SR.XEN/ Enforcement-1, Bathinda 96461-22224
SR.XEN/ Enforcement-2, Bathinda 96461-22203
SR.XEN/ Enforcement, Ferozpur 96461-18126
SR.XEN/ Enforcement, Muktsar 96461-18127
SR.XEN/ Enforcement, Moga 96461-18128
AEE/ Enforcement, Bathinda 96461-18153
SR.XEN/MMTS, Bathinda 96461-18138
SR.XEN/MMTS, Moga 96461-18134
SE/Enforcement, Amritsar 0183-2571259 96461-08134
PA 97800-29140
SR.XEN/ Enforcement-1, Amritsar 96461-18129
SR.XEN/ Enforcement-2, Amritsar 96461-18130
SR.XEN/ Enforcement-3, Amritsar 96461-18131
SR.XEN/ Enforcement-4, Amritsar 96461-18132
SR.XEN/ Enforcement, Batala 96461-18133
AEE/ Enforcement-1, Amritsar 96461-18167
AEE/ Enforcement-2, Amritsar 96461-18154
SR.XEN/MMTS, Amritsar 96461-22210
SR.XEN/MMTS, Batala 96461-18146



  1. Detection of theft of electricityby various categories of consumers.
  2. Detection of unauthorized extension at the premises of various categories of consumers.
  3. Detection of fictitious name plates over T/well motors and other type of loads.
  4. Detection of in-accurate registration of energy by meters/metering equipment due to wrong/incorrect connections and due to missing multiplying factors.
  5. Detection of all other cases leading to leakage of revenue.
  6. Surprise checking of attendance/muster rolls (including civil organization).
  7. Surprise checking of Board’s now PSPCL vehicles.
  8. Checking of off day running of connections and violation of peak load restrictions.
  9. Investigation of complaints with respect to suppression of seniority in grant of connections, demand of illegal gratification etc.
  10. Other misc. jobs entrusted by the Board now PSPCL from time to time such as checking of stores etc.
  11. To assist distribution staff in pursuing the cases of theft/pilferage of electricity in the court.
  12. Monitoring of consumption of power oriented industries like Induction, furnaces etc. being fed through independent feeders.
  13. Surprise checking/joint readings (inclusive of M.D.) of major industrial units and paper sealing of meters body to plug chances of unauthorized opening of meter covers.
  14. Enforcement of all commercial instructions issued from time to time, non-compliance of which could otherwise lead to theft, pilferage of energy.
  15. To keep complete record regarding:-
    i)   Penalties levied & recovered.
    ii)  Disciplinary action approved by competent authority& action actually taken.
    iii) Supervisory checks conducted by XEN/SE and Chief.
  16. Suggest changes in commercial instruction on the basis of difficulties faced in their implementation from time to time.
  17. To create atmosphere of trust between the Board now PSPCL and consumers in order to avoid occurrence of theft cases through better interaction and guidance of consumers.
  18. To arrange meetings with consumers for improvement of working of Enforcement wing through self appraisal.
    The checking of consumer’s premises shall be regulated as under:-
    i)   SE/Enforcement           :           Loads above 5 MW
    ii)  XEN/Enforcement       :           Loads from 500 KW to 5 MW
    iii) AEE/Enforcement        :           Loads less than 500 KW
    (These connections shall be checked by XEN/Enforcement where no AEE/Flying Squad attached with him)Besides the above prescribed checking, an independent checking upto 2% to 3% of checking done by AEE/XEN(Flying Squad) should be done by senior officers i.e. XEN/ and Flying Squad and SE/Enforcement as a normal supervisory check.


  1. Testing of meters/metering equipments at consumer’s premises in as found condition (both L.S. & M.S.) except whole current meters.
  2. Verification of genuineness of M&T seals in respect of meter/metering equipments tested by them.
  3. Testing, sealing (except M&T seals, and recording of readings of metering equipment installed at various grid sub stations of PSPCL on all independent feeders of rating 11/33/66/132/220 KV etc.
  4. Testing of CT/PT units with regard to their capacity/accuracy etc.
  5. Testing of metering equipment/meters jointly with ME S/Divisions before and after installation.
  6. Monthly progress of checking of LS consumers to ensure checking every six months.
  7. Monitor/ replacement of defective meters and prepare reports for information of SE/CE (DS).
  8. Prepare guidelines for checking of seals by consumers to avoid disputes.
  9. Ensure preparation of pass book for reading of LS consumers.
  10. Ensure compliance of test results through CBC.



No. of connection checked (in no.’s) Detections (in no.’s) Assessments (in lacs)
528875 100731 10714.90

Besides the above checking, Pillar Boxes, Dera Dhanias, Temporary connections, AP T/W connections, DDL of AP Feeders, Damaged Transformer during the month 6/2013 and Transformer damaged due to storm, Single Phase SP connections, Checking of misc. works of operation Sub-Divisions were also checked during 2013-14.


Sr. No. Description
1. Opening Balance(ending 31/03/13)                            –           375
2. Received during the year 2013-14                             –           546
3. Investigated/Disposed off during the year 2013-14     –           724
4. Balance on 31/03/14                                                 –           197