CE/Civil Design & Construction



There are five Circle level offices under this organization with their work as below. All the offices are under Administrative & Technical Control of CE/Civil Design & Const., PSPCL, Patiala.

Dy. CE/Civil Design, Patiala:-

There are three Sr. Xens in this circle. Work done by this Circle is as follows:-
Civil Design of Sub-stations & Residential buildings, foundation designs of Transmission line Towers, purchase of cement & HT wire for Pole Workshops & construction of sub-stations, purchase of Azo-amonia and tracing papers etc.

Dy.CE/Estates, Patiala:-

One Sr. Xen/Tech is stationed at Patiala and One Sr. Xen/Civil stationed at Ludhiana checks and measures PSPCL land to enable PSPCL to remove encroachments of its land, if any. This office does allotment of accommodation in PSPCL colonies at Patiala. Two Senior Executive Engineers are engaged in Civil Mtc. Work of Power colony – I, II, Shakti Vihar, Officer Flats, Head office, 66 KV Grid Colony.

SE/Pilot Workshop & MDI:-

There are five Senior Executive Engineers under this circle. One is Sr. Xen/Tech., Three Senior Executive Engineers are engaged in manufacturing of Poles & Anchor plates, their delivery to various DS/stores sites of PSPCL. Pilot Workshops are situated at Mohali, Mukatsar & Sarna. One Senior Executive Engineer /Civil under this office is engaged for construction of multistory integrated office complex building with training institute at the TOP floor & purchases/procurement for Lake View Guest House, GNDTP, Bathinda. Addl.SE/ PW, Muktsar is also engaged in renovation of Lake View Guest House at GNDTP, Bathinda.

SE/Civil Hydel Design, Chandigarh:-

There are three Sr. Xens in this Circle. This circle deals in:- Design of Mukerian Hydel Project stage-II. Providing suggestions regarding field problems at Anandpur Sahib Hydel project, UBDC Stage- I & II, Shanan Power House and Mukerian Hydel Project Stage-I.

SE/Civil Construction Circle, Hazipur:-

There are four Senior Executive Engineers under this circle. The work of construction of Mukerian Hydel Project Stage-II and work of maintenance of Mukerian Hydel Channel Stage-I is handled by this circle.

Name Designation Office Residence
Jagvir Goyal Chief Engineer,
Sharda Rani Pvt. Secy SV-4369 96461-21842
Prem Sagar Garg Dy. CE/HQ(Civil),Patiala. 2229533
Sanjiv Jain Addl.SE/Civil o/o EIC/CD&C, Patiala. 96461-21980
Supdt/Establishment SV-4367
Balwinder Singh Dy. CE/Civil Design Dte, Patiala 2208174
Jaideep Aggarwal Addl.SE/Cell-4, Patiala. SV-4356 96461-15556
S.K. Bansal Addl.SE/Cell-2, Patiala. SV-4359 96461-19430
M.P. Singh Addl.SE /Cell-3, Patiala. SV-4358 96461-19431
Rajiv Garg AE/Civil Design, Patiala. 96461-10179
Sardara Singh AEE 96461-10782
Hemant Gupta AEE/Civil Design, Patiala. 96466-87633
Mohd Rashid AEE/Civil 96461-26763
Santokh Singh (On contract) AE/Civil 96461-11458
Jatinderjit Singh Dy. CE/Estates, Patiala. 2200744
Pardeep Kumar Chugh Addl.SE/Tech, Estate, Patiala. SV-4342 96461-19585
Parminder Singh. Addl.SE/Estate, Ludhiana 96461-19297
Vikas Gupta Addl.SE/Civil Mtc.Cell-1, Patiala. SV-4372 96461-19115
Bhan Singh AE/Civil Mtc.S/D-1/1, Patiala. 2200325 96461-19131
Parvesh Diwan AE/Civil Mtc. S/D-2/1, Patiala. SV-4081 96461-19132
Baljit Singh Sr.XEN/Civil Mtc.Cell-2, Patiala. 2305834 96461-22941
A.S.Mahi AE/Civil Mtc.S/D-1/2, Patiala. H.O.3525 96461-19133
KPS Bhullar AE/Civil Mtc. S/D-2/2, Patiala. 96461-19134
Harbir Singh SE/Pilot W/Shop & MDI, Patiala. 2207757
Rakesh Batra Addl.SE/Tech, Pilot W/Shop & MDI, Patiala. SV-4373 96461-11009
Darshan Kumar Singla. Addl.SE/Const Cell MDI, PSPCL, Patiala. SV-4374
Suresh Kumar (On contract) AE/Civil, VIP Guest House, PC-1, PTA 96461-24525
Addl.SE/Pilot W/Shop, Muktsar. 263574 96461-22952
Murari Lal AEE/Civil Lake View Guest House, Bathinda. 96461-28928
Raj Kumar Garg Addl.SE/Pilot W/Shop,Mohali 2236880 96461-19299
Gurkanwal Singh AEE/Pilot W/Shop, Mohali 96461-11203
Mohan Lal Addl.SE/Pilot W/Shop, Sarna 2102038 96461-19302
Kewal Krishan AE/Civil, Pilot W/Shop, Sarna 96461-15544
Vinod Kumar Walia SE/Civil Hydel Design, Chandigarh 2777126
Kamaljit Singh Addl.SE-I, Chandigarh 96461-19433
Gurmukh Singh Addl.SE-II, Chandigarh 2783126 96461-22970
Hem Raj Goyal Addl.SE/Civil Tech, Chandigarh 96461-14447
Bikramjit Singh AEE/Civil 96461-18054
V AE/AEE/Civil
V AE/AEE/Civil
V AE/AEE/Civil
V AEE/Civil
V AEE/Civil
Ravinder Singh AE/Civil 96461-12974
Jagdish Singh Handa SE/Civil, SPK PH Circle, Hazipur. (01883) 273186,
Kuldeep Singh Addl.SE/Tech, Hazipur 96461-55711
Janak Raj Raju Addl.SE/Civil, SPK PH Divn. Hazipur 273188 96461-22942
Kulwant Singh Sandhu Addl.SE/Canal O&M, Talwara. 236142 96461-19167
V AEE/Civil S/D-1
J.P.Sharma Addl.SE/Civil Const. Divn. U/Bassi. 253759 96461-19169
V AE/Civil S/D-II Hazipur
Ram Pal (On contract) AE/Civil S/D-III Hazipur 96461-11093
V AEE/Civil S/D U/Bassi
V AEE/Civil O&M S./D Talwara
V AEE/Civil, O&M S/D Talwara

V: Vacant