CAO Revenue



Sr. No. Designation Sanctioned posts Posted Vacant posts
1. CAO 1 1
2 DY.CAO 1 1
3. AO 1 1
4. PA 1 1
5. AAO/SAS Acctt. 4 2 2
6. HDM 1 0 1
7. DM 1 0 1
8. UDC 2 1 1
9. Steno Typist 2 0 2
10. Hawaldar 1 1 0
11. Peon 2 0 2

The Achievements of CAO/Revenue Organization which is functioning with skeleton staff (against 17 Nos. sanctioned posts, out of which 8 posts filled) are as under:-

The following is the position of revenue assessed & realized during the last 5 years:-

Year Revenue Assessed
Revenue Realized
% age of collection
2008-09 722525.00 723769.00 100.17
2009-10 834615.00 830646.00 99.52
2010-11 914885.11 915295.15 100.04 *
2011-12 1106152.77 1100129.19 99.46
2012-13 1337971.05 1321512.21 98.77

*without AP categories, as the controversial bills of AP category were ultimately waived off by the Pb.Govt. by giving matching subsidy.

From the above data, it is quite evident that collection efficiency of energy bills comes to about 99.55% on an average. This has been made possible by regular monitoring of position of each accounting unit regarding issue of energy bills and its collection. No other power utility in the neighboring States of Punjab has such high %age of Revenue collection which reflects the better performance of Punjab State Power Corporation.

The position of Defaulting Amount category-wise for PSPCL as a whole, ending 31.12.2013 (Un Audited) is as under:-

Category Litigation cases Govt.Deptt. PDCOs Others Total
ISC 18919.29 15037.27 1136.87 1526.35 35482.91
AP 82.19 21.41 17.15 156.61 260.21
GSC 4446.47 3267.61 13309.29 25705.90 33419.98
Others 261.01 268.12 63.31 94.89 624.02
Total 23708.96 18594.41 14546.62 27483.75 69787.12

The Annual revenue of the PSPCL is around Rs.13379.71 crore and the accumulated Defaulting Amount is only Rs.697.87 crore which is 5.22% of the Annual Revenue.


Monthly/Billing Cycle-wise Key Exceptions of all categories except LS, GS, BS/RT categories are being generated by all Computer Centres/Cells and are sent to this office for review. In the Key Exceptions, the latest status of Locked Premises, Reading Not Taken other than Locked Premises, Burnt Meters, Defective Meters, Meters Not at Site, MT/M&T Seal Broken, Glass Broken, Nil Consumption & Consumer Variation cases are highlighted. The status of Key Exceptions month-wise/billing cycle-wise indicating the comparison of current Key Exceptions with previous period along with age-wise analysis is being put up to the Management for monitoring progress of clearance of Key Exceptions. As a result of this, there is decrease in the Key Exceptions in the following categories of consumers:-

a)   GSC consumers below 20 KW sanctioned load

Period No. of consumers Reading not taken other than premises locked %age Meter defective %age Meter burnt %age MT seals Broken % age
Jan.2013 5917856 1.99 2.39 .0.66 2.40
Mar/2013 5940712 1.68 2.32 0.64 2.34
May/2013 5995853 1.11 1.53 0.43 2.18

b) GSC consumers with sanctioned load more than 20 KW

Period No. of consumers Reading not taken other than premises locked %age Premises Locked %age Meter burnt %age M&T seals Broken % age
Apr. 2012 25761 8.92 0.16 0.31 0.01
Apr/2013 24185 0.38 0.13 0.27 0
May/2013 24242 0.42 0.10 0.27 0

c) SP consumers

Period No. of consumers Reading not taken other than premises locked %age Premises Locked %age Meter not at site %age MMC Bills % age
Apr. 2012 87646 1.31 0.40 0.22 34.98
Apr/2013 86091 0.20 0.24 0.18 35.08
May/2013 86380 0.24 0.24 0.16 30.60

d) MS consumers

Period No. of consumers Premises Locked %age Meter defective %age MMC Bills % age NIL consumption % age
Apr/2012 25571 0.17 0.55 27.81 5.31
Feb/2013 25755 0.11 0.47 27.61 1.82
Mar/2013 26146 0.11 0.49 25.93 1.79


For LS/BS/GS/RT categories of consumers, the Key Exceptions are not being generated by the Computer Centres /Cells of the PSPCL. Instead concerned Computer Centres/Cells generate the monthly/billing cycle-wise statement of Defective Meters detected/replaced during the month/billing cycle. The status of Defective Meters is being monitored on month to month basis & concerted efforts are being made by this office to get the Defective Meters replaced at the earliest and to get the accounts of consumers overhauled well in time under the supervisions of Accounts Officers/Field to plug revenue loss to the PSPCL. As a result of this, the Defective Meters of LS,BS,GS,RT categories as on 31.3.2013 were merely 16 Nos. as per detail given below:-
LS category                  8 Nos.
GS category                 2 Nos.
BS category                 5 Nos.
RT category                 1 No.
Total:-                          16 Nos.

5)   Revenue Monitoring Reports (RMRs)

The Revenue Monitoring Reports are being generated by this office from Computer Cell, Patiala (SE/IT PSPCL) by collecting monthly data of Connected Load, Units Sold & Revenue Assessed, incentive payable & PLEC recoverable from 98 Nos. Op. Divisions. In the RMRs, the main focus is laid on the following elements:-

  • Category-wise determination of unit rate of each Division / Circle/ Zone /whole PSPCL.
  • Category-wise determination of units sold, revenue assessed of each Divn./Circle/Zone/Whole PSPCL.
  • Increase in units sold & revenue assessed over a corresponding period of the previous year.
  • Determination of category-wise expected revenue of each Division/ Circle/Zone or whole PSEB by assuming 50% increase in the connected load over the corresponding period of the previous year.

On the basis of RMRs, RED Divisions (wherein Revenue Assessed is more than 10% less than the expected revenue), as discussed above & slow Industrial Divisions (wherein the revenue assessed per unit under industrial categories are found less than average tariff rate) are identified.

The status of Red Divisions & Slow Industrial Divisions are being sent to concerned SEs/CEs DS for examining the reasons for low performance of Divisions and to take appropriate action to improve the revenue of those Divisions. The Red Divisions as well as slow Industrial Divisions are being carefully monitored by SEs/CEs DS with a view to increase the revenue of such Divisions.

After examining the monthly RMRs collected from the Computer Cell and identification of Red Divisions/Slow Industrial Divisions, the Monthly Status Report is being compiled indicating the total Power Availability of the PSPCL during the month as well as upto the month and metered sale of the PSPCL for the month & upto the month is also being discussed. The status report, so compiled, are being put up to the Management every month for their perusal and advising further course of action.


The Revenue Monitoring Inspection of Op.Sub Divisions was started in Jan.2013 by an Inspection Party headed by Accounts Officer/RM by associating one SAS Acctt. The Revenue Monitoring Inspection of 6 Nos. Sub Divisions were carried out upto 31.5.2013 by Revenue Monitoring Inspection Party. While conducting Revenue Monitoring Inspection, the main focus is being laid on important areas concerning pilferage/loss of revenue with a view to boost the revenue of the PSPCL.

7)   To attend ZDSC Meetings:-

In order to settle the disputed cases of consumers which fall under the competency of the Zonal Level Dispute Settlement Committee, the undersigned attend the meetings of ZDSC/North Zone and ZDSC/Border Zone at various intervals. During 2012-13, 12 Nos. meetings of ZDSC North Zone and 7 nos. meetings of Border Zone were attended and 63 Nos. disputed cases were settled judiciously upto the satisfaction of consumers. In addition to above 10 nos. meetings of ZDSC of North Zone and 6 Nos. meetings of Border Zone were attended upto December 2013.
This issues with the approval of competent authority.