PSPCL consistently meets historic maximum demand and highest energy requirement due to  sustained heat wave & delayed monsoon

PSPCL consistently meets historic maximum demand and highest energy requirement due to  sustained heat wave & delayed monsoon




PATIALA, July 03, 2019 The demand and consumption of electricity has shot up due to continuous heat wave & delay in monsoon, maximum demand  this year is consistently around 13000 MW whereas it was hovering around 11000 MW during the June last year and is  20-45 % higher. Similarly consumption of power per day is 30 to 50 % more i.e  2850 LUs since 28 th june although it was around 2200 LUs in the corresponding period last year. On  1st  July, 2019,   PSPCL  catered to historical maximum demand of 13,633 MW   without imposing any cut on Domestic, commercial and industrial consumers and supplying regular 8 hr power to Agriculture pump sets. Maximum demand on Ist July, 2019  is about  995 MW  higher as compared to  12,638 MW met on 10th July, 2018 i.e. an increase of about 8 % over the previous

PSPCL supplied 2,902 Lakh Units (LUs) of electricity on 1st July, 2019 and 2,866 Lakh Units (LUs) of electricity on 2nd July, 2019  to all the power consumers within Punjab which is highest during the ongoing paddy/summer season thus far. Energy supplied on 1stJuly, 2019 i.e. 2,902 LUs is 153 LUs  more than highest ever energy supplied during a day i.e. 2,749 LUs on 04th August, 2018. Record demand & energy requirement is being met without any short term power purchase.

This has  inter alia been  possible due to Good banking arrangements.  PSPCL had  made Banking Agreements with other states such that during the winters of last financial year, record  power of 5468 MUs  was  exported and in return now daily about 540 LUs energy i.e. 2200/2400 MW power is being imported through banking to meet the demand. Further,  record demand is being met without any short term power purchase. Previously PSPCL had to make short term power purchase to meet the demand  in 2015-16 to the tune of 1700 MUs, 1439 MUs  in  2016-17   & 2070 MUs in 2017-18. Neither  short term power was purchased last year  to meet the demand  nor it is anticipated to be purchased this year.

This year 3-4 major thunderstorms have hit the state extensively damaging power infrastructure like towers,poles & transformers and PSPCL has made all out efforts to restore the system on war footing. Yesterday thunderstorm  damaged major infrastructure (500 Poles & 80 Transformers) in Budhladha, Mansa & Bathinda area. PSPCL had restored Domestic supply to villages yesterday  and to most of the tube wells today however supply to the remaining tube wells shall be restored by tomorrow.

This extraordinary demand is due to delay in monsoon and relatively dry pre- monsoon period resulting into increased water requirement for Irrigation. PSPCL has made arrangements to meet the demand of 14000 MW  and would continue to supply regular power to Agriculture pumpsets and other category of consumers.  However it needs to understood that though power is available to meet the requirement albeit at some cost but water is really scarce and needs to be conserved for sustainable future, so one and all are requested to conserve our water resources lest state runs dry.

date Maximum Demand (MW) Energy per day (LUs)
2018 2019 Increase 2018 2019 Increase
27 June 10674.7 12858.8 20.46% 2404 2694 12.06%
28 June 9080 12799.8 40.97% 1911 2840 48.61%
29 June 8829.7 12693.8 43.76% 1797 2846 58.38%
30 June 9627.7 13090.4 35.97% 2024 2861 41.35%
1 July 10146.7 13632.8 34.36% 2234 2902 29.90%
2 July 11082 13367.8 20.62% 2303 2866 24.44%
Description Unit FY 2015-16 FY 2016-17 FY 2017-18 FY 2018-19
Banking import during paddy season MUs 1348 1927 1804 5062
Banking export  during Off-paddy season MUs 1839 1941 3754 5468

Issued by Dy.Secy.Public Relations /PSPCL

PRESS NOTE NO 65 July 3,2019