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Thermal Design

Under the administrative control of Chief Engineer/Thermal Designs, Patiala, there are four no. offices of Superintending Engineers, Works Section including Establishment Section and Accounts Office detailed as under:


  1. Work relating to 5 no. 4000 MW Ultra-Mega Power Projects (UMPPs) for availability of Power Share to State of Punjab from Govt. of India as per following:
Sr. No. Name of Project Capacity Punjab Share Remarks
1. Sasan (MP)

– 14No. Procurers.

4000.00 MW 558.36 MW Court case on LD / BG issue
2. Tilaiya (Jharkhand)

-17 No. Procurers.

4000.00 MW 418.77 MW PPA terminated
3. Odisha- (9 No. States) 4000.00 MW 500.00 MW PPA not yet done
4. Orissa 1- (12 No. States) 4000.00 MW 120.00 MW -do-
5. Cheyyur  (Tamil Nadu)

– (7 No. States)

4000.00 MW 200.00 MW -do-
  1. Work order cum Contract Agreement No.70 dated 24.11.2017 for preparation of Detailed Feasibility Report for installation of 5X800MW Supercritical Thermal Plant at GGSSTP Ropar by phasing out existing 6X210 MW units against Tender Enquiry 19/ED-1/3051 dated 24.08.2017. After approval of DFR, e-tenders shall be invited for preparation of Detailed Project Report.
  2. Dealing with various issues/quarries relating to retirement of units of GNDTP Bathinda and Unit No. 1 & 2 of GGSSTP Ropar.
  3. General Correspondence of Audit Paras, RTI, Karobar Committee and Vidhan Sabha questions and monthly CM note and monthly returns relating to this office.
  4. Departmental Inquiries sent by SE/Technical, PSPCL.
  5. Cases of State Thermal Power Plants for approval of Technical requirements and giving approval of cases submitted to TEC.
  6. Work regarding e-Tender Enquiry No. 21/Th-Mech/1282-MRHS dated 9.3.2018 for Mill reject handling system, GHTP, PSPCL, Lehra Mohabbat.
  7. Pending works/payments of M/s BHEL relating to Stage-II, GHTP, Lehra Mohabbat.
  8. Dealing Joint Venture Agreement of PSPCL and other states with Bengal Birbhum Coalfields Limited for termination of allocation of coal mine allocated by Ministry of Coal, Govt. of India.
  9. Dealing with various Court cases relating to Electrical Design.


  1. Miscellaneous Civil Engineering matters relating to PSPCL three no. Thermal Plants i.e. GNDTP Bathinda, GGSSTP Ropar & GHTP Lehra Mohabbat.
  2. Audit paras and pending issues in Civil Thermal Designs.
  3. Housekeeping of sheds of Thermal Design office.
  4. Utilization of Fly Ash relating to the PSPCL three projects i.e. GNDTP, Bathinda, GGSSTP, Ropar & GHTP Lehra Mohabbat.
  5. Monitoring flyash utilization as convener to State Level Committee constituted in compliance of MOEF notification (CE/Thermal being convener of the said committee).
  6. Court case pertaining to utilization of flyash before National Green Tribunal, New Delhi.
  7. Issue of installation of Flue Gas Desulphurization systems (FGD) for TSPL and NPL.


Work relating to Court Cases in respect of Power Purchase Agreements of 3×660 MW Talwandi Sabo Thermal Plant & 2×700 MW Rajpura Thermal Plant and work related to the thermal plants being developed under Punjab Power Generation Policy-2010.

      A. Sr.Xen/IPC-I (Biomass):

  1. Dealing with Power Purchase Agreements of all Biomass/Biogas/Waste fuel based projects under NRSE Policy of the Punjab Govt. i.e. preparation of Standard Draft Agreement as per the Policy, getting approval of Standard draft PPA, getting administrative approval for signing of PPA for individual projects, signing, follow up till commissioning of the project, dealing with disputes, if any, regarding the terms and conditions of the PPA and signing of Amendments of PPAs with respect to any terms and conditions as per the Orders of PSERC due to revision of tariff or on any other account.
  2. Dealing with Amended and Restated PPA signed with M/s GVK Power (Goindwal Sahib) Ltd. on 26.05.2009 for purchase of power from 2×270 MW Goindwal Sahib Project.
  3. Deals with PSPCL’s 10MW Biomass based Jalkheri Power Plant.
  4. Submission of Annual Accounts of Power Utilities-Quarterly Performance Research Report of State Electricity Boards.
  5. Deals with Comments on Staff Paper related to Biomass IPP power projects.
  6. All the misc. information’s related to GVK, Jalkheri Power Plant, Biomass IPP Projects etc

B. Sr.Xen/IPC-II (Solar):

  1. Power Purchase Agreements of NRSE Solar Projects (for which LOAs & Implementation Agreements are issued by PEDA being Nodal of NRSE projects) such as :-
  2. a) Ground mounted Solar Projects,
  3. b) Canal Top solar Projects
  4. c) Roof Top Solar Projects.
  5. d) Projects out of Punjab such NVVN & SECI for bundled Solar Power

The total number of Solar projects presently dealt by this office-91 no.
The total number of Solar projects yet to be commissioned are-3 no.

  1. The Government references/letters i.e. from GOP, MNRE, GOI etc. regarding Solar projects are dealt by this office.
  2. The work such as getting approval of PPAs from the management of PSPCL, Signing of PPA, follow-up till commissioning of projects and other work related to connectivity of solar projects with SLDC, Punjab, correspondence in   different matters after commissioning of solar projects with solar developers regarding Solar projects, Audit paras etc. are dealt by this office.

C.Sr.Xen/IPC-III (Hydel and Co-generation:

  1. RPO Compliance: To look after all issues related to RPO Compliance of PSPCL as per instructions of Govt. of Punjab and Govt. of India. This includes filing and defending various petitions and planning purchase of Non Solar Power for RPO Compliance.
  2. Signing of PPAs with Cogeneration power projects & Small Hydro Projects as per implementation agreements signed by PEDA with project developers.
  3. Floating tenders for purchase Non Solar power on short term basis as per requirement .
  4. Looking after various schemes of MNRE like Samast implementation, Uday Scheme, etc.
  5. Looking after proposals for purchase of Non Solar power from NVVN/ SECI etc., signing of PPA for purchase of wind power, subsequent follow up etc.
  6. Purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates every year to comply with various regulations as per shortfall of RPO.

Moreover, Union Govt. and State Govt. are further boosting generation of NRSE Power by notifying various favorable policies for this Green Power. Preparation of all Technical Information related to NRSE Projects (related to this cell) and further submission to GOP/CEA/ARR/other offices.

To deal with establishment work & administrative matters connected with works as well as establishment section and to assist Chief Engineer/Thermal Designs for monthly/quarterly information and other routine tasks. To work as Assistant PIO and monitoring of information required from all the Superintending Engineer offices under the Chief Engineer/ Thermal Designs.

To deal with pre-auditing of comparative statement and P.O./W.O., payment regarding purchase orders/ work orders done by CE/Thermal Designs and CE/Civil Designs & Construction. In addition to above, payments regarding Salary & Pension, Payments of bills i.e. Medical, Contingency, T.A./L.T.C., Advocate fee bills, Petrol Bills, Repair bills of Vehicle. Preparation of Trial balance and related ledgers, Online submission of Income tax and G.S.T., Prepare Cash book on daily basis, Audit paras, Bank reconciliation statement, U-Cheque and IUT Bills.