CIN No.: U40109PB20108GC033813

Shahpurkandi Extension (55.5 MW)


1) Location This project is to be executed on UBDC  Main Canal.
2) Main Features: Power will be generatyed from water used for Irrigation purpose.
3) No. of Power Houses. 3
4) No. of Units: 6 (2 each at above Power Houses)
2×10.5+2×10.5+2×6.75= 55.5MW
5) Total generating capacity Punjab Share = 55.5 MW
6) Design Head: 54.6 Mtr.
7) Design Discharge: 185 cumecs with 10% overloading.
8) Type of Development Run  through canal
9) Commissioning: End 2015-16
10) Cost of Project: Rs. 869.00 Crore at 04/2010  price level
11) Total Energy Contribution Annually 602.348 lacs Units
12) Cost per unit: Rs. 19.00  at 2010 price level
13) Present Status This project is proposed to be developed by re-modeling the existing UBDC canal from Madhopur Head Works up to RD 65000 ft. It involves construction of 3 No. PHs. The capacity of the channel after remodeling shall be 13500 cusecs and the total length of the channel will be about 20 KMs. The cost of the project is approximately Rs.869.00 Cr. at April 2010 price level and the annual generation shall be about 602.348 LUs. The project will be developed on BOOT basis. Chief Engineer/SPKD has been requested to revise the DPR so as to arrive at the current cost of the Project.
Note:- The capacity of the SKPP  is yet to be decided as 55.5 MW or 81 MW as the design discharge is yet to be finalised due to difference of