CIN No.: U40109PB20108GC033813


Dy. CE/ Sales-I

Dy. CE/Sales-I is assisted by three ASE’s/ Sr. Xen’s and three AE’s/AEE’s to cater the needs of Commercial queries in respect of Central, North and Border Zones. Each section consisting of one ASE/ Sr. Xen and one AE/AEE is assigned to deal the work relating to general policy matter, decision of commercial organization regarding fixing of targets and release of connections, voluntary disclosure scheme, service connection charges leviable, in respect of each zone and for time bound approval of applications for electricity connection to all categories of consumers for 100 KW and above that are registered online including the TG/DG sets. These sections also issue commercial instructions/rules in the form of Commercial Circularsas approved by the Regulatory Commission from time to time and also put on the website of PSPCL.

Dy. CE/ Sales-II

Dy.CE/Sales-II is assisted by two ASE’s/Sr.XEN’s andtwo AE’s/AEE’s to cater the needs of commercial queries in respect ofSouth and West Zones.Each section consisting of one ASE/Sr.Xen andone AE/ AEE isassigned to deal the work relating to Electricity Duty/ Seasonal Industrial Policy/ BPL Policy/ ACD, Tariff Rebate/ Surchargeand release of connections in respect of each zone.These sections alsoissue Commercial Instructions/Rules in the form of CommercialCircularsas approved by the Regulatory Commission from time to timeand also put on the website of PSPCL.

Dy. CE/ Billing

Dy. CE/Billing has been assigned the work of preparation of Electricity Bills for Domestic, Non–Residential, Small Power, Medium Supply, Large Supply, Bulk Supply, Railway Traction, Agriculture Power and Public Lighting categories of Consumers. There are 14 No. Circle Level Computer Service Centres headed by AEE/ CSC for receiving, checking and forwarding billing data between DS Sub-Divisions and respective Computer Centres at Ludhiana and Chandigarh, 1 No. Computer Centre headed by ASE/ CC at Chandigarh & 4 No. Centralized Billing Cells at Patiala, Bathinda, Ludhiana and Jalandhar.

Dy.CE / Regulation

Dy.CE/Regulation is assisted by two ASE’s/Sr. Xen’s and one AE/AEE to cater to the needs of framing new commercial regulations. Work related to up-dation of Supply Code and Electricity Supply Instructions Manual (ESIM) is being done. Reply to the petitions / objections received from PSERC regarding commercial polices are prepared. Work related to framing of Industrial Policy and implementation of Right to Service Act is being done. Cases regarding approval of Electricity Scheme/ grant of NOC to Residential Colonies/Commercial Complexes/Industrial Parks are being dealt.

Sr. No. Designation / Office Name Contact No. E-mail ID
1 CE / Commercial Er. Amritpal Singh 96461-18710
2 Private Secy. Sh. T.C.Mehta 96461-17436
3 Supdt. Commercial Sh. Jagir Singh 96461-11366
4 Dy.CE/Sales-I Er. Rakesh Gupta 96461-22226
5 PA Smt. SarojBala 96460-40051
6 ASE/Sales-I Er. JatinderGarg 96461-22957
7 ASE/Sales-II Er. Sanjay Mittal 96461-22958
8 ASE/Sales-IV Er. Bhajan Singh 96461-22959
9 AEE/Sales-II Er. Harpreet Singh 96461-11724
10 AEE/Sales-IV Er. Ranjit Singh 96461-11725
11 AE/Sales-I Er. Inderpal Singh 96461-25144
12 SE/Sales-II Er. Anil Vij 96461-09705
13 PA Smt. MadhuBala 96461-98082
14 ASE/Sales-III Er. Hardidar Singh 96461-19393
15 ASE/Sales-V Er. ArunGarg 96461-22960
16 AE/Sales-III Er. Gurpreet Singh 96461-11727
17 AE/Sales-V Er. Ramandeep Singh 96461-11726
18 Dy. CE/Regulation Er. HarsharanKaurTrehan 96461-98882
19 PA Sh. Sohan Singh 98765-44255
20 ASE/ Sales Regulation Er. ManmohanLal 96461-19136
21 ASE/Nodal Officer (NOC) Er. Suresh Jindal 96461-18181
22 AE/Nodal Officer (NOC) Er. AmitSingla 96461-87623
23 Dy. CE/ Billing Er. Arvinderjit Singh Sekhon 96461-18747
24 PA PremLata 98882-10448
25 ASE/CBC, Ludhiana Er. Gurmeet Singh 96461-22962
26 ASE/CSC, Patiala Er. Kuljit Bhatia 96461-19397
27 Sr.Xen/CC, Chandigarh Er. Parmjit Singh 96461-22961
28 ASE/CSC, Amritsar Er. Jodh Singh Saini 96461-22964
29 ASE/CSC, Bathinda Er. Navin Kumar Bansal 96461-19400
30 ASE/CBC, Jalandhar Er. Amarjit Singh 96461-22963
31 Sr.XEN/SAP Billing Er. J.S.Grewal 96461-19107
32 AEE/Billing Er. Vikas Gill 96461-25172